Monday, 13 April 2020

Day 26

Day 26..

Well today had a very lazy start with breakfast becoming brunch!

Having managed to secure another click and collect grocery shop for this time next week I started looking at other online alternatives. There are lots of smaller companies, and local ventures, out there offering delivery services that I would never have looked at normally and I think I will be giving some of them a try. Although they tend to be more expensive than the supermarkets I am tempted to try them and support these small businesses and who knows perhaps I may discover better products, cleaner products and better quality.

I suppose the test for these companies going forward is whether people like me who discover them now will continue to use them in the future. It's a difficult one because looking for different options online gives you a massive insight into the bulk buying power of the supermarkets and the prices that they can offer and how we are all so used to finding the cheapest option that we can.

This also has an effect on the quality of the food in particular that we consume. Being an advocate for keto and low carb lifestyles as well as eating 'real food' rather than highly processed convenience food it is all too apparent why the vast majority of people still adhere to the standard western diet of high carb - it's simple, convenient, easy and cheap. Yet by adopting a 'real food' approach and ditching all the highly processed, high sugar, beige and bland foods can be such a liberating experience, never mind all the health benefits. Cooking real food from scratch means a satiated appetite and the need for constant grazing on 'snacks' disappears which in turn can reduce the amount that is spent on needless foods.

More and more evidence is pointing towards a diet that is void of highly processed, carb laden foods to not only manage your weight more effectively but is key to reducing and eliminating metabolic illnesses along with improving your immune system. We have all become too accustomed to quick, easy food options, to treats being an every day occurrence and forgetting how to cook. I will freely admit that until 6 years ago that was me, I always used to say that I never 'cooked' I just 'reheated'. I just did what was easiest and quickest but all the while adhering to the low fat mantra and keeping calories low and I thought I was doing what was right.

Flashback to six years ago and watching a film by Joe Cross called 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead' followed by a conversation with Molly's karate teacher and our way of eating changed for good - see my pages Getting Real and Eating Well, Staying Healthy. I can't recommend this way of eating highly enough and I now enjoy cooking everything from scratch, with real food, every day.

During this time of 'lockdown' it is now more important than ever that we look after ourselves both physically and mentally. It would be all too easy to comfort eat and over indulge and then when we get to the other side of this and it's Summer (hopefully) regret not being able to fit into those shorts from last year! But equally we need to stay mentally strong, we need to be able to express ourselves and talk openly and honestly and admit when we're having a bad day. But we also need to use this opportunity to spend time on ourselves; doing whatever it is that makes you feel good about yourself.

On a lighter note this time 10 years ago Simon and I renewed our wedding vows in Las Vegas at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Blue Hawaii style. We had a limo, we had my parents with us, we had Simon's best man join us from New York, we went for ice-cream after and then played glow-in-the-dark crazy golf; it was an amazing experience...
...and this was also the vacation that we got stranded in San Francisco because of the Icelandic volcanoe ash cloud!

Until tomorrow,

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