Saturday, 11 April 2020

Day 24

Day 24...

Well it's a beautiful Easter Saturday, clear skies, plenty of sunshine and lovely and warm...and I'm feeling just a bit lost today.

Really struggled to find my mojo early on today. Had a slow start to the day which was lovely but then I was at a bit of a loose end and didn't really know what to do with myself. Decided to make some golden sesame keto bread and looked up a recipe to make keto naan breads ready to make for dinner this evening. Simon has been working on his R2D2 model and has been busy assembling all the parts.
Golden Sesame Keto Bread - fresh from the oven
We made it out for another 2 mile walk again today and this time we walked to my dad's and back and spent 10 minutes chatting with him through his living room window to make sure he's doing alright. And although we did encounter other people out and about everyone was very sensible and we all kept our distance as well as smiling and saying hello - what a nice and pleasant change!

My dad lives on his own since my mum died 5 years ago but is used to going to the pub each day for his lunch and seeing his friends at the gym three times a week. He has been able to nip out in the car to the supermarket when he's needed to and is fortunate to have a corner shop literally just around the corner from him that stocks most things. So at 76 years of age he is doing as he's been told and staying home as much as possible, which is at it should be and is an example to all the idiots out there who think it is perfectly acceptable to meet up with family or friends. I am fed up of reading Facebook posts moaning about next door neighbours or whoever, meeting up for social gatherings and BBQ's and goodness knows what. It really is very simple - stay home, don't go anywhere other than a shop when you need to and for a bit of exercise. I have friends and relatives who work for the NHS, police, supermarkets and in education and I want these people to be safe and well, so it is unfathomable to me why anyone would want to run the risk of causing these people and the rest of us any harm.

I finished the day by making keto naan bread for the first fact first time making any sort of naan bread and I have to say I was pretty pleased with my efforts...
So what started out as a day where I was feeling a bit lost turned out to be quite productive and I managed to make the most of the time that I had.

I am thankful to be staying at home with my family, the people that are my world. I'm thankful to have friends on the end of the phone to 'whatsapp' with and chat to. I am thankful to have this time to appreciate those around me and to stop living life at a hundred miles an hour and to simply stop and absorb all that is in my life.


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