Saturday 6 February 2016

Power of Words

I wanted to write a piece that was very personal to me and that would mark an anniversary. Unfortunately it's an anniversary I would rather not be marking.

A year ago I lost my Mum unexpectedly and as you would expect it hit me and the rest of my family really hard. The evening she passed was a very cold and clear night and the sky was full of felt very apt, and I remarked that Mum was up there in those stars looking down on us and while ever there are stars in the sky then I know she's still there with us.

We opened a bottle of champagne that night to toast my Mum and that's exactly what we will be doing a year on.

A couple of months ago my Dad found a bracelet that my Mum had bought on one of our last trips to Walt Disney World together....I think it may have been as long ago as 2008. I wasn't even aware that Mum had bought the bracelet so have no idea where she got it; I know she never wore it as the price label is still attached! I have the bracelet now and it sits on my dressing table so I can see it every day. It is a simple silver bangle with engraved words, and it's those words that really hit me when Dad gave me it;
Simple bangle, costing $10.00 but where was this sold...I have no idea!
Words: Shoot for the moon...
Words: Even if you miss....
Words: you will land among...
Words: the stars
How poignant are those words - Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you will land among the stars

Love you and miss you Mum but I know you're up there keeping an eye on us all..
Me & Mum - WDW August 2008