Friday, 17 April 2020

Day 30

Day 30...

Another bright day here today but definitely a cooler day. The day started with an impromptu podcast recording session with my fellow Disney Dream Girl, Michelle. We have a number of our listeners who support the show financially through Patreon and we try to record a special show just for them every few weeks. Today we chatted about online Disney shopping, Disney + and how this current situation is affecting our plans to visit the Disney parks.

Michelle has a couple of trips lined up for the early part of this Summer and so it is looking extremely unlikely that these will now happen. We had been in the process of thinking about booking to go to Walt Disney World. We had been chatting about when we should go, which resort we would like to stay at, whether the kids wanted to come with us and more, but had thankfully not taken the plunge to book anything. After 7 years away from Walt Disney World we are more than ready to get back there. It was great to get to Disneyland Paris last August but Walt Disney World is what I would call my 'home' park. The last few years have not been conducive to planning a trip; there were financial considerations, the impact of family members illnesses and demands and then my own brush with breast cancer all just added up. Finally we find ourselves in the position to actually book something and then this comes along - really?!

I know that going to Disney is not the be all and end all of everything and that us being together as a family all fit and healthy is so much more important but I still can't help feeling that someone is playing a cruel trick on us. I don't wish to sound all 'woe is me' but we have scrimped and saved and endured a lot over the last 7 years and we really didn't think it was too much to ask to just get to do something that we have been dreaming about for so long. I know will we get back there one day but at the moment that one day feels an awfully long way away.

This week we should have been having new wardrobes fitted in our bedroom so that's not happened and we have no idea when that will happen now. I had an email today to say that a concert we were booked to see in May, that had initially been postponed, had now been cancelled and a refund was being issued. We have also had a burlesque evening in May and a comedy gig in April cancelled as well. Oh and my latest tattoo's should have happened at the beginning of April so they are on hold too. I think seeing things that you had planned just get scribbled out on the calendar can be a very sobering moment.

The rest of my morning was spent doing some research for an upcoming Disney Dream Girls podcast and then we took our usual 2 mile lunchtime walk in just 38 minutes - beating our best time by 2 minutes!

I did some more reading today as I got further through The Carnivore Diet and took advantage while the sun shone and sat out on the patio while I read, figured best keep my vitamin D levels topped up!

There was also another little attempt at drawing...

So there we are, another day done with a new day tomorrow. The days may not be panning out as they were planned but we are here, we are healthy and we are together and that's all that really counts at the moment. Yes it can be tough some days, yes it can be repetitive and yes it's hard not knowing what the long term effect of all this is going to be but all we can do is keep on keeping on. We can support each other, we can stay home and support our health service, we can be on the other end of a text or call when someone needs it and most of all we can be united and know that by being united we can forge a way through it all.


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