Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Day 20

Day 20...

Having a bit of a work day today as although my pre-school is closed there is still a fair bit of admin work for me to keep on top of. I have new terms and conditions of employment to issue to staff, just because it's that time of year, but then I also have to figure the best way forward to ensure my team are looked after during these uncertain times. I also need to make sure that whatever steps we take now ensures the longevity of the pre-school as well...no pressure!!

I have a ton of emails to navigate through to ensure we can still claim whatever we are entitled to, amend records accordingly, wait for government departments to develop new systems, keep on top of any new information coming out as well as liaise with my local education authority and I have the accounts to do as well!

I received a phone call this morning from Derby Hospital's Breast Unit to say that my mammogram scheduled for next week has been cancelled. I wasn't surprised at all and in some respects quite relieved that I'm not going to be visiting somewhere that could put me at risk of picking something up whilst at the same time not wanting to be causing extra work load for our wonderful NHS. The nurse on the phone was so lovely and bright when she phoned and apologised for the call and then thanked me for being so understanding; in the grand scheme of things at the moment my mammogram getting delayed is not a big issue and I just wanted her to know that I completely understood.

Our usual lunchtime walk was another couple of miles in glorious sunshine and very pleasantly warm and although we saw a few people out and about there wasn't too many to report!

The afternoon was more work emails but then I purposefully stopped work at my usual finishing time as I know I have a tendency to just keep on working! So I stopped, made a coffee and settled down with my jigsaw for an hour or so.

Then when Simon and Molly went 'down the gym' I decided to grab my leggings and get back to doing some exercises myself. Since my operation last year I have found getting back into the gym to be tricky but thought I really needed to get back into doing something so I decided to take it steady and just do some body weight exercises. So I popped on YouTube and had a bit of White Lies playing and then did some squats, planks, lunges, sit-ups along with bicep curls and rows using some light kettle bells. I figured the best way to get back into doing something is to do these kind of exercises that I used to do when I initially started eating low carb (see my Getting Real page) and that I know shouldn't put too much strain on my left boob and then when my confidence and strength increases I can then perhaps 'go down the gym'!!

Time to chill in front of the TV, see you tomorrow,


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