Thursday, 2 April 2020

Day 15

Day 15...

So where do we find ourselves today...I have been using the day to get some more admin work done for pre-school as we need to issue amendment to contract letters and updated terms and conditions; thankfully nothing to do with the current situation just simply that time of year when new things come into being.

I decided this morning to make a couple of donations, nothing much but thought I would show my support for our one of our local NHS hospital's charity who are raising funds to support their staff through the situation with essentials and extra equipment. The other was to a local arts project where we often visit to see a burlesque show or simply stop by for a coffee in their cafe; the sort of venture that needs supporting now if it's to be able to re-open successfully after all of this.

Our lunchtime walk involved a quick detour via the farm opposite to buy a couple of dozen eggs that should hopefully keep us going for a little while, and despite it looking like it could rain at any point we stayed dry if a little windswept.

There was more jigsaw progress made later this afternoon while Simon and Molly 'went to the gym' aka our garage!
Work in progress - rather therapeutic
I think I should really make the effort and get back into some light gym work; I've been careful of late because of my left boob following my cancer treatment last year and it still feeling tender at times. I tried the gym again recently and although I took it steady it left me feeling more 'aware' of my boob afterwards so I have been cautious about getting back into it. But my boob has felt much better of late which may be down to swapping back to non-wired bras plus it could also be the fact that I haven't be carrying heavy bags of shopping, driving the car as much and the like...who knows?

One positive of this 'staying home' has meant that Simon has been able to get some more 3D printing completed for his R2D2 model. One print that has completed today has taken 12 hours and ordinarily we have to time these prints when we know we are going to be home for that length of time just in case the print was to jam or fail.
3D printer in action
Another day done and another day further into whatever we are calling this situation! Another day staying at home and doing our bit and just hoping that everyone else out there is doing the same thing. It's tough sometimes trying to reconcile staying at home with what other people are doing but we have to soldier on and do what we can and take solace in the fact that we are helping in the best way we can. We don't know how long this is going to take and that in itself is unnerving, we don't know how we may be affected by this horrid virus or how it's going to leave us all feeling when we get to the other side and all that gives a great sense of unease. But we carry on, we stay at home and we embrace tomorrow.


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