Sunday, 19 April 2020

Day 32

Day 32 and the sunshine is back!

A nice gentle start to the day, as it would be most Sundays. My first focus for the day was to update my online grocery shopping as I am due to collect it tomorrow morning. With that done I thought I would see if a slot was available for the following week and was surprised to see that dates beyond what I was expecting appeared but they were all full for the next 2 weeks...eek! But I then re-looked and suddenly saw a chunk of free slots appear so I grabbed one, added a few items to my 'online basket' and checked out to secure the spot - phew! But bizarrely I looked again and the free slots I'd seen had all disappeared again...not sure what was going on with the system but at least I have my shop booked in.

Simon has been making more progress with both the mouse droid he is building and his R2D2...

We then took a bit of a longer walk out today and managed to complete just under 4 miles in about an hour and 20 minutes. It was a gorgeous day in some beautiful countryside and we are very blessed to have all of this on our doorstep.

And I only had one little rant today while we were out...walking down a small lane we moved over to our left and walked single file to give the couple walking towards us the appropriate distance...shame they couldn't repeat the same favour...I'm sure not holding hands for all of 30 seconds really wouldn't have been that much of a hardship!!

Having these moments most days to get out and walk gives Simon and I the chance to have some time just for us away from the noise of the internet and reminds us of the importance of connecting with those around us. We get the chance to chat, put the world to rights and just to 'be'; we have both said that we must try to make sure we steal these moments after all this lockdown malarkey is done with. To steal moments together without the need to 'go somewhere' or 'do something special' but just to take a small amount of time away from the noise of everyday life.

Perhaps after all of this we will all have a greater appreciation for a quieter, less manic and less materialistic lifestyle. One where we appreciate all that we have and those that we have chosen to spend it with. I'm sure for some the return to the hustle and bustle will be a great relief but I hope to come out of this with a greater appreciation for life, and for what I want from it regardless of what others may think or expect of me. I will definitely embracing 'me' and doing more of what I want, when I want and in the way that I want to do it.


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