Monday, 27 April 2020

Day 40

Day 40...

Welcome to Monday and another week of lockdown. Simon has been busy sorting Mandalorian helmets to ship out as the two he has made over the last few days are all ready to go.

Two helmets ready to go
I've been chatting with friends and everyone seems to be doing okay, getting used to this new way of life and swapping shopping stories. I have one friend who has just had a COVID-19 test and is waiting for the results so my thoughts keep turning to her and I keep checking in to make sure she's doing alright.

I think the strange thing at the moment is that we find ourselves settling into this new way of life and that it is quickly becoming the new normal. We are able to work from home; we are able to get out for a walk each day; we have sorted out the way we want to shop; we have minimised our physical interactions with the outside world and we now just accept all that.

But it can be so frustrating and confusing trying to figure out where all this is taking us. Trying to figure out who to listen to and who to believe. Wondering why our country seems to be doing so badly compared to other countries. Should we have acted earlier, should we have been stricter with our lockdowns, should there be restrictions on entering and leaving the country, should anyone arriving in the country go straight into quarantine - so many questions but getting answers is difficult and bewildering and can leave us with a sense of hopelessness. So by getting on with the new normal we find ourselves on an emotional rollercoaster moving from acceptance to worry to questioning to wondering if we will ever get back to the way we were...

As I looked at the calendar hung up in the kitchen today I realised that this was supposed to be a very busy week for us. Molly should have had her music school's annual concert yesterday; tonight we had tickets to see Nick Offerman in stand-up; I had a night out with my work colleagues pencilled in for Thursday; Friday we had tickets for The Gilded Merkin at the Spiegeltent (Burlesque show) and then Sunday we were planning on trooping Star Wars style with our fellow cosplayer's from the East Midlands Garrison at a local comic-con - wow, that's a lot of stuff to be missing out on!
Simon and I from last December, trooping at Nottingham Hospital's Children's Christmas Party
At the beginning of the year we decided to make sure we had things to look forward to after having had a year where we had not been able to do as much as we would have liked. So we had been finding events that we wanted to go to, putting them on the calendar, buying tickets and booking to see a calendar with lots of things crossed out is really disheartening.

But we accept that for now we have to batten down the hatches and just see it through till the other side.


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