Thursday, 9 April 2020

Day 22

Day 22...

To start this post off here's a little thought about this 'social distancing' malarkey. We often watch a podcast by Adam Savage and he'd made the comment that the phrase 'social distancing' should perhaps be changed to something like 'physical distancing'. After all we don't want to be anti-social we just want everyone to keep a safe distance, it's not that I don't like people I just like them from a distance where they can do no harm!

Although one thing we have noticed is that when we do encounter people out walking (even though it's always us that moves out of the way) most do acknowledge us, will give us a smile and perhaps even say 'hello' or 'thank you' - I know shocker! Perhaps after all of this people will keep these new habits and start being nicer and politer to each other - who knows?!

My concern though is that this doesn't translate over to shopping; from everything I've heard (as I've still yet to do a physical in-store shop) going to the supermarket seems to involve a lot of queuing and a lack of respect for the 2 metre rule. My challenge is to see how long I can avoid an in-store shop!

My day has been another work day tackling the dreaded cash flow forecast for pre-school and although I have still have more admin work to do I am going to down tools this evening for the four day weekend we have ahead of us with it being Easter.

Another blue sky, sunny day saw us walk another couple of miles in about 40 minutes and today we saw only 2 other walkers who were both on the opposite side of the road to us and a few cyclists who were all cycling on the road in the designated cycle path - I think today was a win!

I managed to make some more progress with my jigsaw and then did a little mini workout when Simon and Molly went 'down the gym'; just sticking to some body weight exercises as I try to get back into exercising once again.

Being 'at home' does give us the opportunity to re-evaluate ourselves, what we do, how we do it, what do we want to achieve, any aspirations we may have for now and later, as well as opportunities to learn new stuff or try things we perhaps wouldn't normally have the time for. It would be all too easy to slip into a pattern of doing very little and not making any effort. So just daft things like putting on make-up and doing my hair, writing this blog each day, setting routines, going out for a walk and getting back into my exercises can all help to keep me motivated. Maybe this should be seen as an opportunity not to be missed rather than something to be endured.


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