Monday, 6 April 2020

Day 19

Day 19...

This should have been the first Monday of my two week Easter break from pre-school...well at least I'm off work...of sorts!

The day started off a bit emotional as while watching YouTube we came across John Krasinski's new channel called SomeGoodNews and an amazing piece where he surprised a young girl with the cast of Hamilton singing her favourite song from the show; fair brought a tear to my eye.

First task of the day was to head off to my local supermarket and collect my pre-ordered shopping for the week. Straight forward process of turn up at the lockers, blue gloves on, enter the details, open up the doors to my shopping and load it all straight into the car. Me and Molly have this down to a fine art and were soon on our way.

A rather big shop this week as I was actually able to get a few things that on previous weeks I'd struggled with, but I'm also finding that I'm now spending one large amount per week rather than my usual smaller more frequent shops. Now I'm just using the one place to shop I am missing getting some items from other retailers and it's a tad annoying that I know I'm paying more for some items as well. But I'd much rather do it this way than be in and out of shops all the time.

There was a great sense of achievement though when we got all the shopping in the house, wiped everything with anti-bacterial wipes, threw away as much packaging as possible, split all the fresh meat into portions to be frozen, restocked the fridge with everything in its correct 'use by date' order and had all the cupboards replenished. Although I did warn everyone that just because there was food in the fridge it didn't mean it had to be eaten straight away!!

We took a walk out over the fields again today and I'm beginning to find that to be some what stressful as no matter which footpath we take we seem to encounter people. We had a runner come up behind us and shout 'excuse me' which caused Simon and I to jump and let out expletives! In just under a mile and a half we encountered 3 runners, 1 walker with a dog, family of 4 with a dog, another family of four, 3 older couples, 1 elderly man walking to the post box, 1 elderly man sat on a bench at the church, a young couple and a lady walking on her own...FFS!! We never see that many people when we go walking through our village normally and I'm beginning to feel quite territorial!!

This afternoon I made a start on my next Disney jigsaw...
...I did manage to get all the straight edges sorted and into place though.

Something I remarked on today is that while ever I have something to occupy myself I feel okay and like my normal self and I can just get on with things, but it's the down times that I am struggling with. Those times when there is nothing specific to do or get on with which can lead to my brain not knowing what to do with itself. That can then lead to feeling anxious or worried or just generally being hacked off with the whole situation. The fact that plans have had to be cancelled or postponed and that life is now on permanent 'hold' is frustrating (as it is for all of us) and just wanting everyone out there, across the world, to realise that we all just need to stop, stay home, stay safe and the more of us that can do that the quicker we are going to get to the other side!

Roll on day 20...


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