Tuesday 29 March 2016

Overdue post...

Well it's been a while since I put finger to keyboard so I thought I'd better get my act together and write a post!

So firstly apologies for such a long time between posts...I'd always wanted to get at least a couple of posts done each month but time seems to have run away from me of late.

So what have I been up to? Well, unfortunately, nothing exciting to report I'm afraid it's just been the day-to-day life of a working mum and wife. So the typical juggling of work, home and getting children from one place to another!

As far as work goes pre-school is a continually evolving place and we are never ones to sit still for too long! We have been re-looking at what we do and how we do it to make sure that we provide the best possible care and education for the children that come to us. So this has meant working lots of extra hours as we plan ahead for the future. Plus we have been busy fundraising and in the last few weeks managed to raise £117 with a cake sale and then our Easter Eggstravaganza rasied another £560! We also celebrated World Book Day so I couldn't resist the chance to go dressed as a Disney character...

As you can see in the above photo work has started on my latest Disney tattoo as I embark on a full sleeve! I have now had two sessions with the lovely and very talented Rachael Huntington at Rampant Ink and I will be seeing her next week for the next instalment. I promise I will devote a blog post to it soon!!

Simon has been extremely busy with his work and I can now reveal that he is working on a video game called Dangerous Golf which will be the first release for UK game developer Three Fields Entertainment. Working for a small start up company is an exciting time for Simon, and we're all looking forward to their games release in a couple of months time (June 2016-ish!) and fingers crossed it gets the success that everyone working at Three Fields Entertainment deserves!

And the other thing that has been taking up our time has been the ongoing creation of our cosplay outfits for Star Wars Celebration this coming July. Simon's kit is almost complete with this weekend seeing us fit armour to legs!! Next is creating the armour for my outfit!! Once we are nearing completion I shall put a post together, with plenty of pictures!!

So as far as Disney goes I am still recording the Disney Dream Girls podcast with the lovely Michelle and I shall be living vicariously through her as she travels to both Disneyland Paris and Walt Disney World this year. Whether we will make it to a Disney park this year is a complete unknown and as much as I would love it to happen I think realistically it probably won't, fingers crossed that 2017 is the year for us!

Oh and I just remembered I did manage to complete my Disney villains jigsaw.
And I've just started another...

Should keep me out of trouble for a little while!!