Sunday 22 May 2016

Bringing Disney Home

It's been nearly three years since our last visit to Walt Disney World and so some days I do feel a little home-sick. And while it's great seeing friends posts on social media or reading the latest news coming out of the parks it can only make the longing to be there even more intense.

So little things can sometimes mean a lot, especially if there's a bit of Disney involved. Like the obligatory stop by the Disney Store while out shopping or adding a Disney twist to an outfit or looking forward to the next instalment on your Disney tattoo!

And today was one of those simple moments when we finally managed to hang all of the posters that Simon had bought me for Christmas 2014. The posters are a set of 12 that recreate the attraction posters that you see as you enter the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World and walk under the railway, past the locker area. I'd always loved these posters and we'd tried many years ago to buy an odd one or two but the logistics of getting a full sized poster back home had always prevented us. Then Simon came across this set online - perfect!

Over the last few months we bought the frames a few at a time to spread the cost and today we put the last few in place. We have a long hallway which seemed the ideal place to hang them.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Orange Bird & Tropical Serenade (the original name for the Enchanted Tiki Room)
Big Thunder Mountain
Walt Disney World Railroad
Haunted Mansion
It's a Small World
Snow Whites Adventures
Pirates of the Caribbean
Space Mountain
Country Bear Jamboree
Plus one more which was a gift from my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle...
Splash Mountain 25th Anniversary poster for Disneyland
So I now have my very own Disney entrance way...well kind of ;)