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So who am I and what is this blog all about?

Well, my name is Jayne, I live near Nottingham in the UK and am a wife, mum and slightly Disney obsessed individual!

So after a long time thinking about doing a blog I have finally got around to doing something about it.

Having got my very own in-house tech and artistic support (namely my husband Simon - checkout his website www.simonphipps.com) I have taken the plunge and got the show on the road.

My aim is to let you know a little about my life and my love of all things Disney, including of course my spiritual home Walt Disney World!

I shall share with you some of my past Disney experiences, my thoughts and tips about vacationing in WDW, my life in general and my planning for upcoming Disney vacations.

So when did it all begin....

I had always been aware of Disney and remember watching 'The Wonderful World of Disney' on TV growing up, it seemed to be a staple of any holiday TV programming schedule, but it wasn't really until our first vacation to Orlando in 1991 that the obsession truly began!  And had it not been for a mix-up in holidays it may never have happened...

So there we were in 1991 planning a vacation with my parents to Austria when we realised that the two weeks that I had booked off with my employer were different to the two weeks that my dad had with his work (our last week was the same as his first week - doh!).  So what to do....it was at the height of the Gulf War and there were rumours of cheap flights to the US so off we went to the travel agent in search of a bargain.  Well, numerous brochures later we had our hearts set on going to Orlando only to find that the rumours of cheap holidays were unfounded, so we picked the cheapest deal we could find and embarked on our first US vacation.

We found ourselves propelled from the relative calm of Birmingham airport to the hustle and bustle of Orlando International airport followed by the 'bun fight' known as picking up ones hire car to driving in the rain having been told 'if your wipers are on you have to have your lights on' ringing in our ears to the craziness of International Drive, all of which after a 9 hour flight preceded by a 5.00am start was a little intense to say the least!!

But it wasn't until day 2 of our vacation when we visited the Magic Kingdom for the very first time that the obsession with Disney began....and ever since then each time we enter Main Street USA it's like coming home.

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