Tuesday, 14 April 2020

Day 27

Day 27...

We had another beautiful day, full of blue skies and sunshine if a little chilly compared to of late.

I decided to jump onto some pre-school admin work today, Simon was back at work today after the long weekend and although I would ordinarily have been on holiday still this week I wanted to get some outstanding stuff completed. One of the side effects of the current situation is making sure I'm looking after my team and putting into place all the necessary bits and pieces so that we can claim what we are entitled to and ensure that the pre-school is in a strong position for when we can re-open.

A big chunk of the afternoon was given over to my grocery shopping delivery; it really is surprising how long it can take to put everything away, split items for freezing and make sure everything got a wipe down with anti-bac wipes first!

I did manage a little home workout so while Simon and Molly did the heavy lifting down 'the gym' I stuck to some simple body weight exercises and a few kettle bell moves. I also managed to get my latest jigsaw completed...although I have now completed all my new ones...
Completed Beauty & the Beast jigsaw
...so do I redo some of the many jigsaws hidden away in the loft or do I see if I can get a new one??

So not a bad little day today, we missed our lunchtime walk because of the shopping delivery so fingers crossed we can fit one in tomorrow, but as things go today was an okay day.


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