Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Day 28

Day 28...

And another bright and beautiful day.

My first task of the day was to source a new jigsaw...Disney of course...and thanks to Hobbycraft of all places I have two new ones on their way; one is a Pixar and the other is a Snow White one.

This morning then saw me delivering prizes to a few of our pre-school children. We had decided to have a craft competition over the Easter weekend as we had been donated some Easter chocolate treats by a local supermarket and it seemed a shame to waste them. So we had parents post their children's entries onto our Facebook page and then our contact from the supermarket judged and awarded three winners. Which meant me and Molly had a little road trip to drive around and drop the prizes at the winners doorsteps. It was lovely to see a couple of the children and their mums and have a quick chat through windows, maintaining social distancing at all times of course!

We had a lovely walk out at lunchtime and managed another couple of miles over the fields and surprisingly saw very few people today.

I attempted a little work this afternoon but it didn't amount to much so decided to re-focus my brain and have a go at doing some sketching! Inspired by the weekends drawing for Dr Sketchy's I thought I would have another go and see if I can improve my skills...might see if I can make this a daily thing!

I also attempted to do a little bit of research for the Disney Dream Girls podcast and after about an hour of trailing the internet I decided to check with my partner in crime, Michelle, exactly what I was supposed to be researching. Oops I'd completely misunderstood the brief and just wasted an hour, oh well back on it tomorrow!

I started today being full of purpose and quite motivated but found that as it moved on I became less focused and felt quite disillusioned. There is so much information and opinion going back and forth in the news and on social media it is difficult some days to know what to pay attention to and what to believe. People in power seem at times to have completely lost the plot, scientists trying to have their say and then other scientists having differing opinions from the first lot, news media asking quite frankly stupid questions and seemingly with their own political agenda and that leaves us 'joe public' not knowing who to believe or trust.

Everyone seems to be focused on when we will 'get back to normal' but what I can't get my head around is that if today we are told 'lockdown is the only way' and then we get told 'tomorrow you can go back to work' what's changed to make that happen? How can we go from 'stay home' to 'get back to society' in the flick of a switch? I appreciate that everyone wants to get back to 'normality' but surely we have to accept that it may be a case of slow and steady wins the race and that 'normal' may well be a long way off. Yes we may be able to ease our way back but it could be a long while before we get back to the normal we once knew and it may even be that we have to create a new normal. Perhaps social distancing in public may become the new normal, perhaps face masks may become the new normal, perhaps travel restrictions maybe the new normal - we just don't know.

And I think that it is this lack of knowing what the future may hold is what's unnerving the vast majority of us. We are not privy to all the information, we can only process whatever snippets we get told from whatever source that may be. No wonder we are all confused and bewildered and left having to put our lives in the hands of those in power whether we want them there or not!

Roll on tomorrow.


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