Sunday, 20 June 2021

Day 459 - Father's Day

Day 459...

Sunday has rolled around and it was Father's Day and I had completely forgot...thank goodness the kids were on the ball.

To be fair I hadn't completely forgot as I had chatted with the kids about it and at pre-school we had been making Father's Day cards but having been so busy the last few days I'd forgotten that it was happening today!

I then got a message from one of my staff to let me know that they were poorly and wouldn't be able to come into work tomorrow. This means that I will have to work tomorrow when normally Monday is my day off; this in turn meant that the plans we had for today and into tomorrow needed to be re-jigged.

This meant the first job of the day was to take the car full of rubbish to our local recycling centre for the second day in a row. We saw the same guys working that we'd seen yesterday and today we had a chat about tattoos as one of them noticed my Disney sleeve. They were interested to know how long it had taken and I think were quite surprised when I told them how many hours it had taken. One of the guys had a small tattoo and he swore he was never going to have another as it had hurt so much. Turned out it was done by a cousin of a friend...mmm so not someone who knew what they were doing which was very evident by the state of the tattoo he showed me!

Once we had emptied the car we stopped by my dad's house on the way home to wish him a 'Happy Father's Day'. We spent a little time there, had a coffee, I helped make his bed and added a few bits to my weekly grocery shop for him. On an upbeat note he is hoping to get his repaired car back either this week or next and one evening this week he is going out for a meal with his gym buddies to celebrate one of them turning 80!

It was then back home and I had the ever so exciting job of updating my online grocery shop while Simon started building one of the cupboards we'd bought for the garage. Once my shopping was done I decided to clean the inside of the car that had been used to visit the local recycling centre the last few days as it was rather dusty and dirty and needed a good hoover out. I was then able to help Simon assemble the cupboard and a work bench he had ordered...well I say help but all I did was to make another coffee as Simon had managed to complete both all by himself.

We then set about building the second cupboard but as we unpacked all the pieces we found the section that made the top of the cupboard to have a massive crack and corner section all broken. So this now has to be returned or refunded which meant that we had to figure out how to re-pack all the bits we had already only took us about half an hour, and a fair bit of swearing, to figure it out!

And by then it was time to cook dinner and the day was done although it still feels like we have more to do but it will have to wait until another day.

Take care.

Saturday, 19 June 2021

Day 458

Day 458...

Well this may have to be a short post today as it is rather late in the day and as I type I am just waiting for Molly and her fella to return with an Indian takeaway. It's been a busy day!

The day started off steady, we got up, we had breakfast with Mickey waffles, we drank coffee and then we got moving. Our first job was to visit our local recycling centre as we had yet another car full of rubbish to get rid of. And a big shout out to the guys who run the centre as they are so helpful and polite despite some of the public being rather rude as we saw today. 

But once we were back home it was time to change into our scruffy work clothes and armed with a coffee we set upon the garage. First we had to clear enough stuff out of the loft area so that Simon could get up there and paint the remaining section of wall. Then it was time to clear out all of the garage as we had a floor to lay and a draft excluder to fit to the garage door.

Garage almost cleared ready for floor

The floor was made up of recycled rubber tiles that simply slotted together like an oversized jigsaw, the only difference being we needed a mallet to get the pieces to join together. First we had to lay a couple of rows to centre them and then we could work out how to cut pieces to fit down each side. Once we had it all figured out it was relatively easy and quick to lay. I concentrated on laying the main section of the floor while Simon did all the cutting of pieces to go around the edges and fit around any awkward shapes.

Working hard!
By the end of the day we had a new floor laid in place that looks really smart and should hopefully mean we can keep the garage as clean and as dust free as possible. This will mean not only will Simon have a much cleaner and more organised space for his prop making but it will also make our home gym a much nicer place to be.
And done!
But by the time we had moved everything back into the garage it was rather late and hence the reason for an Indian takeaway. But still more work to do tomorrow as we have two cupboards to build and lots of organising to do!

We will be rounding the day off with feet up in front of the TV to watch the latest Disney Pixar movie Luca.

Take care.

Friday, 18 June 2021

Haircut Friday

Day 457...

Well I'm a little late writing this today so I think it will be a quick post!

The day was spent in work and was mainly spent attached to the computer generating emails. I needed to formulate individual questionnaires for each of our families at pre-school and then email each family a link to their own questionnaire which they could then complete online.

I took a little break to catch up on some admin tasks as there was the usual banking to do as well as updates to our online learning journal system. There was also the weekly newsletter to generate, and schedule for distribution over the weekend, along with the corresponding posts on our website, social media and learning journal.

Then it was time to send out the next lot of emails; this time it was the next set of invoices for all our families. So it was a productive day, just one where I seemed glued to the laptop.

I had intended to stop by a local supermarket on the way home from work but as the weather had turned rather wet and quite chilly I decided to head straight home to warm up with a coffee. Once home and changed out of my work uniform I had a quick half hour to spare before I headed out the door again so I decided to do a quick bit of research on crowdfunding. We are hoping to organise something to raise some money for pre-school as due to the past 15 months of restrictions we have not been able to hold our usual fundraisers and are in need of raising some more pennies to keep us operating in the manner to which we prefer!

Then it was time to spend a couple of hours in the company of my lovely hairdresser, Kim. And once again she has done an amazing job, plus she is always a pleasure to spend time with and we enjoying putting the world to rights together!!

And with hair refreshed it was time to get home, see Molly and her fella as they had returned home after a week away, cook dinner and then settle down with a glass of red...and maybe some Star Wars TV by way of The Bad Batch (p.s. the jacket I'm wearing in the photo is an official Star Wars Kylo Ren jacket - I know I'm such a geek!).

Oh and I managed to get the little bit of supermarket shopping completed by sending Molly and her fella out this evening - win!

See you tomorrow, take care.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Day 'out, out'

Day 456...

Today was another day of two halves.

My morning was spent in work and my focus was getting some prep work done for the children who are leaving us in a few weeks time at the end of the academic year.

Due to the covid restrictions being extended we have made the decision not to hold a 'leavers celebration' but will instead have a fun final week with lots of games and treats. But we will still be giving out our traditional leavers gifts; each child will receive a book and a special scroll. The scroll has a poem which is personalised for each child with a photo of when they started and another of them now. My job this morning was to track down all the 'starting' photos and begin the creation of the individual scrolls. I was pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be a much easier job than I had been expecting.

I was also able to draft a questionnaire for all our parents, which is something we do about once a year as a way to ensure that we are doing everything to the best of our abilities as well as canvas for any suggestions. I just have to email these out now so that our parents can complete online and avoid the need for lots of photocopying!

The afternoon was then spent at home and my main job of the afternoon was to organise my butchers delivery that had turned up this morning; 5kg of chicken, 5kg steak mince, 10 burgers, 6 sirloin steaks, 4.5kg bacon and 100 sausages! Lots of splitting into meal sized portions and then putting away in the freezer, which always takes me longer than I think it should.

Despite the grey clouds it has still been a warm day today and I thought I would sit outside with a coffee for ten minutes and enjoy the outdoors, and the quiet and 'be at one with nature'. Okay I may be being a little facetious but no sooner than I had sat down the local pigeons decided to let me know I was invading their territory. I'm not sure if they were squabbling with each other, or getting a little frisky, but my 'quiet coffee' was far from quiet and at times I thought they were trying to dive-bomb me. Eventually they seemed to calm down and it was nice to sit and enjoy the calm of the air. It had that eerie feeling this afternoon, that sense of a storm brewing when everything is overtly still and the air just seems to hang in anticipation of something to come.

And then it was time for me to get ready to go out...out! The team from work were all going out for a meal at a local restaurant, for no special reason other than we could. It was nice to be out and enjoying the surroundings of somewhere different and enjoying some lovely food. I managed to stay as low carb as I could by having an asparagus starter with fried egg and hollandaise sauce followed by steak with peppercorn sauce. The main course did come with some 'rustic fries' so while I left the majority I did have a couple of them but to be honest the steak was so nice and filling the fries were really not needed.

And then it was home and time for a cup of tea. Take care.

Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Day 455...Wednesday once more

Day 455...

Well, we have reached another Wednesday and another full day in work for me.

My morning was split between working the floor and carrying on with my usual admin tasks. We had a member of staff working with a speech and language therapist over zoom this morning so I was needed on the floor working directly with the children which is not what I usually get to do.

The afternoon was spent with my deputy manager as we went over the long term plan for the next academic year as well as discussing what we have left to do this year (5 weeks left). We also chatted about our leavers celebration that we would normally hold and how this year it would be different. We are constrained not only by the small numbers of leavers but also by the recently announced extension to the current covid restrictions.

Once home it was time to have a coffee and take five minutes to myself before jumping online to record an episode of the Disney Dream Girls podcast that will be released this coming weekend.

And while I was recording Simon decided to write a letter to our local MP about the current situation here in the UK. The fact that the promised emergence from lockdown on the 21st June has now been taken away from us and extended until the 19th July. And depending on who you believe this may or may not happen and it may well be that plans are afoot to instigate further lockdowns in the Autumn and Winter of this year.

It is so infuriating at the moment. I have friends in the US where it would appear that most states are now fully re-open and are doing so at a relatively quick pace. I follow all the Disney news and parks are lifting mask mandates, removing social distancing markers, getting rid of plexi-glass screening and are now scheduling nightly fireworks for the first time in over 15 months. Even in France they have announced that the mask mandate will be removed as from tomorrow and their curfew will be lifted on Sunday, 10 days earlier than planned....and yet here in the UK...

As I've said before this virus is not going anywhere we need to learn to live with it and take sensible precautions that we as individuals assess we need to do. Let us make our own risk assessment and let us get on with our lives and life them to the fullest extent possible.

Take care, see you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Day 454

Day 454...

Well it was the first working day of the week for me and it was just half a day.

A morning spent in work catching up on some admin bits and pieces, some banking as well as prepping all the invoices for July ready for emailing out later in the week.

The afternoon was spent at home although I did dip into a work email that needed a reply and a form completing. I also had chance to re-visit my photo scanning project that I'd started a couple of weeks ago. I had some photos that had been scanned but I'd not yet had chance to update the data for each of them. So I found half an hour to rename them all with either the correct date or an estimate so that hopefully they will all run in order.

I had a late afternoon beauticians appointment but I was back home for when Simon finished work. As the 'gym' is out of action because of the garage re-organisation that is under way, we decided to go for a walk instead. It has been another beautiful day and we managed just under two miles in 40 minutes. Although we really enjoyed the walk there was a triggered Simon's hay fever and he spent the next hour with red eyes, itchy skin and a streaming nose. Thank goodness for the power of antihistamines!

Well, that's where I'm going to leave it tonight.

Take care.

Monday, 14 June 2021

Busy Monday

Day 453...

So our first job of the day was to collect the weekly grocery shopping and then when we got it all home to sort it out between what was ours, what was my dad's and the bits I'd bought on behalf of pre-school.

While we had a quick coffee Simon did a little online research as we are thinking about laying a floor in the garage to keep it as dust free and as easy to keep clean as possible. This will help Simon with his prop making as well as making it a nicer place to be for our home gym.

But with that done we jumped in the car and had a quick stop by my dad's house to drop off his shopping and make sure that he was doing okay. Then we headed off to a local bathroom showroom to talk all things bathroom! 

We have a very dodgy shower that is constantly leaking and despite thinking we had found the problem, numerous times, it is still leaking and we also have a basin with a rather large crack that needs replacing. But having spoken to the company a week ago we have decided that replacing just those bits will cause just as much work as having the whole bathroom refitted. So after much deliberation we have decided to do just that! Today we were able to go over all the different fittings that we want and schedule an installation date of early September. And I have to say I am rather excited by it all and I think it will look very swish and modern when it is all done.

Back home and with a quick stop for lunch we headed out to the garage to carry on with painting our garage walls. We have made good progress and despite having to pop out for more paint we have almost finished; we just have a small section to finish off. The only disappointing thing has been that we were due a delivery of the storage cupboards we'd ordered but nothing has arrived. The delivery should have happened on Friday but didn't and got pushed to today but as I type nothing has arrived!

And then we rounded out the day with the confirmation that our lockdown will not now end on the 21st June but has been extended four weeks until the 19th July - WTF! Why? I really don't understand. We are in the warmer weather and it is known that it is a seasonal virus and will naturally not be as prevalent at the moment. We have daily deaths and hospitalisations as low as they are ever likely to be, the NHS is not overrun and we need to get our freedoms and lives back. There are other countries, and lots of states in the US, that are back to 'normal' and have seen no great effect on their numbers. Places like Sweden have never had the strict measures that we have had and have had no worse an outcome, in fact their economy has not suffered as much so you could argue they have done better. 

We now have small and medium sized businesses on the brink of collapse, waiting lists for operations at an all time high, missed or delayed diagnosis of horrible conditions, rising abuse figures, mental health problems on the increase and I could go on. We need to accept that this is another disease that we have to learn to live with, that we have to take care of ourselves, take sensible precautions (as we should anyway) and get our lives back, get our freedoms back and be able to live again.

Take care, see you tomorrow.