Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Day 797

Day 797...

The middle of the week and as I am typing this rather late in the day I think this will be a quick post.

My morning was spent in work and I was able to put my skills to good use and create a couple of posters for upcoming events as well as construct an email regarding some grant funding. I was also able to go over the forthcoming academic year's long term plan with my deputy. This is where we layout all the various events, special occasions, fundraisers and key dates for the year ahead which we then use as the basis for our planning. My deputy had already completed a good chunk of it and it was simply chance for me to go over it with my 'manager head' on to make sure nothing had been missed.

On my way home I had a quick stop by my local Lidl to get stocked up on a few essentials, as well as a few treats for my last day in work on Friday.

Back home and after a catch-up and a coffee with Simon I had a few of my own emails to deal with, a payment to make and some spreadsheets to update. But with that done I was off to see my fabulous hairdresser Kim who worked her magic, as always, and has updated my hair with a pink-ish twist...

And it was then home to cook dinner and put my feet up!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 24 May 2022

Day 796

Day 796...

And we have had a Tuesday and we have had a full day in work.

This was the first working day of my last week at pre-school. The morning was spent taking one of my team through the process for claiming the government issued funding. And the afternoon was chance for myself and my deputy to catch up, go over a few outstanding items and make sure that we are as up to date with everything as we can be.

I will still be involved with the pre-school in my capacity as committee chairperson and I have the task ahead of converting the pre-school into a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, but the day-to-day operation and management will no longer be mine!

We had the lovely Jon visit from our local Asda this morning. Jon is their community champion and comes out to visit the pre-school when he can, he runs activities with the children and supports us with our fundraisers. He very kindly brought me some flowers and my favourite chocolate...

I arrived home late afternoon to a freshly brewed coffee and before I knew it it was time to head down 'our gym'. Simon has been keeping a tally of how often we have worked out since we set up the gym during the very first lockdown...we have hit workout 200 today!

So I think it's time to put up our feet and I'll see you tomorrow.

Monday, 23 May 2022

Day 795

Day 795...

Monday...our non-working day of the 'working week', and the start of my last week at pre-school.

Around 9am I had a phone call from my deputy manager who called to let me know of a change of plans. Tonight was supposed to be my 'leaving doo'; nothing fancy just a meal out at a local Indian restuarant but due to circumstances outside of my control that was now not happening.

One of my team had been ill over the weekend and so wasn't in work and therefore could not make the meal tonight. Another colleague had pressures in her personal life that simply meant she wasn't in the right frame of mind for having a night out. So with a third of the staff unavailable (we are only a team of seven) it was decided to cancel tonight and to rearrange for a couple of weeks time when hopefully everyone will be fit and well.

We then decided to make the best of the day and take a walk out over the fields to a local cafe called The Cowshed. It's just over two miles which we managed in about 48 minutes and after a lovely coffee we headed back. A slightly different route of 2.5 miles in 52 minutes, so plenty of steps and exercise achieved this morning; almost 50 minutes of fat burning, apparently!!

Once home we were straight back out the door to stop by my dads house in the hope of seeing my brother. Glen and his family have worked hard over the last couple of weeks to clear the house of any obvious 'rubbish' and had managed to fill a skip. Today the skip was being collected and so Glen was working from there while waiting for it to be collected.

Glen was able to take me through what they have managed to do and we discussed what needs doing next. There are quite a lot of things that need new homes and I think one of my jobs over the next couple of weeks will be to catalogue what's there so we can have a better idea of what to do with it all!

Although today we did manage to bring home all my mum and dad's photo albums; there are lots to go through but my aim is to get them all digitised so that we will be able to enjoy them so much more easily. It will also mean that anyone else in the family can also have copies should they so wish.

Back home and we decided to give our Star Wars cosplay a complete try on ahead of trooping this coming weekend. Simon's stormtrooper kit fitted perfectly and it was good to have a run through to remind us of the order that it all has to go on in. I will be going as Governor Pryce from the animated TV series Rebels and thankfully I too was able to get into my imperial officer uniform although I am in desperate need of some new trousers. They have never been the most comfortable of fits (let's just say a high waist without enough length!) so I really ought to figure out a way to get a better pair.

I also took the time to go over my make-up as it is over two years since I last applied it. Thankfully I still have all the relevant colours needed and so was able to gather everything together so that I am prepared for the weekend.

And with that I will see you tomorrow.

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Day 794

Day 794...

OK, so let's start with how yesterday ended as I never got to finish that post due to being 'out, out'! good friend and podcast co-host Michelle, and her husband Tom, arrived at ours late afternoon yesterday. It was lovely to see each other in person and have a catch-up as well as having a little foodie exchange! 

When Michelle had visited Disneyland Paris at Easter she had been good enough to pick up a couple of bread puddings from the Earl of Sandwich...these are amazing and bring back very fond memories of discovering them for the first time while visiting Disney World many, many years ago.

And in exchange I was able to let her have a couple of my favourite American chocolate bars; Milky Way Midnight Edition...

...the kids had got me a box of these for Mothers Day and so I have plenty to keep me going and still be able to share!

And Michelle also brought me this gorgeous glass...

After a bite to eat of homemade keto pizza we headed into Derby to see LaDeDa Cabaret starring and produced by the gorgeous Scarlett Daggers. Hosted by the impeccable Stage Door Johnny and with acts by Storm Hooper, Rod Laver, Coco Deville and Anna Fur Laxis. A mix of variety, cabaret, comedy and of course burlesque and as always was a great night out and I cannot recommend highly enough these nights for a bit of cheeky fun.

It did mean a late return home and hence my lack of a published post yesterday as I simply forgot all about it - oops!

And then we had today - Sunday.

So it was a pretty standard start to the day with the collection of our weekly grocery shop but once that was all put away we set about checking our Star Wars cosplay. Next weekend we should, all things being well, be joining our fellow Star Wars friends at Emcon in Nottingham representing the East Midlands Garrison. This will be our first 'troop' since February 2020...for obvious reasons!

It has taken awhile for troops to be be back up and running and it has been a case of waiting for something accessible to us to become available. We are also members of Joker Squad but as they are mainly based down south it can be difficult to find troops that we can get to easily. And although with East Midlands Garrison there are more local troops they have been few and far between until of late, plus up until recently we would have had to have produced negative tests which we have simply refused to indulge in such pantomime. But all being well this coming Saturday we should be able to don our gear and get trooping again!

As Simon is a Stormtrooper his first task today was to get out all the electronic components of his outfit to charge everything up and make sure all was working correctly. He has fans in his helmet to keep him cool along with a speaker and voice synthesiser to give an authentic Stormtrooper sound.

And while things got charged we headed out for a walk over the fields in the sunshine. We completed 3.4 miles in an hour and 10 minutes and according to my fitness tracker 36 minutes of that was in fat burning mode! Whoop!

The remainder of the afternoon was spent doing more mundane stuff like the laundry! And catching up with writing this blog! I now have the task of house hunting online with Ethan to see if we can find any that are in the right sort of area and are worth a look see.

So I best stop typing and I'll see you tomorrow.

Day 793

Day 793...

After a steady start to our Saturday morning we gathered ourselves together as Ethan had a house viewing booked.

He is thinking of getting his own place and had seen a newly listed house in the right sort of area at the top end of his budget and had booked in a viewing for today. Unfortunately this was not going to be the house for him! 

The estate agent greeted us with 'there's some work that needs to be done, it's a 'doer-upper''...mmm...and that doesn't even allow for the general cleanliness of the house as it completely stunk to high heaven of cats! It would need a new bathroom, new kitchen, new flooring, completely redecorating through out and a mega deep, deep clean. Oh well at least house that we look at from now on can only get better...right?!

After a quick detour via Lidl we arrived home in much need of a coffee. While Simon did a little digital art work I enjoyed my coffee sat in the sunshine. 

Our plans for the remainder of the day centered around my good friend Michelle visiting ahead of an evening out in Derby to see another La De Da Cabaret show. So while Simon got all energetic and nipped out for a quick run I took things much slower and did my make-up ready for the evening followed by a little online shopping. I was in need of some make-up bits and pieces as well as some new trainers for walking. I'd found a pair online and figured it was easier to order from the comfort of my own home as opposed to visit a store in person and hope that they had my size. So by the end of this week I should have some new walking shoes to try out. be we were out late I never got to finish this post and publish it so I guess this will be done today (Sunday!).

See you later.


Friday, 20 May 2022

Day 792

Day 792...

Ah the end of the working week for this household.

My day was another spent at the laptop updating contact information for pre-school ahead of my impending departure this time next week. I've also had the chance to go through all of the documents that I have created over the years...the last 12 years as manager...and decide which can now be deleted. I will admit to having a habit of keeping hold of stuff 'just in case', although this has worked in my favour when wanting to go back in time and figure out events or how we handled something. But today was a day of having a cathartic clear out.

Despite the grey clouds and a few spots of rain we were still able to get out for our lunchtime walk managing yet again a couple of miles in around 39 minutes. 

The afternoon saw glimpses of sunshine but in the main it started grey and a little chillier than of late. I chanced sitting outside with a coffee later on and managed only a few minutes before the rain started...although  a couple of minutes after coming inside it stopped - typical!

And while Simon completed some zone two training on the exercise bike I wrote this blog ahead of making keto pizza.

We have a busy Saturday ahead of us so I will stop typing and see you tomorrow.

Thursday, 19 May 2022

Day 791

Day 791...

Another day working from home, although my first job this morning was to nip out to our local Lidl for a quick top-up shop before the day got too busy.

But once home my working day was all about updating contact information; emailing, completing online forms and just figuring out who exactly I needed to contact. A few emails are now awaiting replies but I was pretty happy with all that I managed to get completed today. 

I was also able to do a little work in my new capacity as committee chairperson. The committee is a vital component of pre-school as it is a registered charity and cannot function without one. I have decided to remain connected with the pre-school via this voluntary position and today I had a couple of emails to issue to my other committee members.

At lunchtime we walked out over the fields and completed a steady two miles in 38 minutes. It was a gorgeous day filled with sunshine and warmth. This afternoon I was able to indulge in a coffee outside while I topped up my vitamin D supplies!

The day was rounded out with a weights workout down 'our gym' although I wasn't feeling the greatest but I did manage most of my workout although it wasn't one of my better sessions.

But onwards and upwards and I will see you tomorrow.