Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Day 41

Day 41...

Well after a few weeks of glorious sunshine the British weather seems to have remembered it's April and has rained all day and turned rather chilly!

My day was pretty mundane today; a mix of odd jobs around the house, a bit of internet browsing (as I have a few birthdays happening in a few weeks time!) and then some actual work as it was pay day today so needed to make sure that I could sort all the wages out for my team.

Simon had another helmet sale to take to the local post office at lunchtime and then we made a point of going out for a walk...even though it was raining. Thankfully it wasn't raining too heavy but we certainly didn't hang about and we did our two miles at a pretty decent pace. Although we both had to change out of wet socks by the time we got home!

Simon and Molly had their first trip to the 'gym' this week while I managed to do a quick body-weight workout. I would love to be able to get back into moving weights again but I am still a little cautious about my left boob! So I will stick to squats, planks and a few lighter kettle bell moves.

My friend Michelle tested positive today for COVID-19, her partner was negative and her son has shown no signs of it. She hasn't been at work and has followed all the stay at home orders and only gone out for an occasional daily walk and to the shops. She doesn't know where she has picked it up from, could possibly be from shopping or she has genuine concerns with regards to neighbours having had friends and family around when they shouldn't have...but who knows?

Just goes to show that no matter how careful you are it is out there and could get any of us at any time. So let's sit this one out for as long as we need to, let's not go rushing back out into the big world until this horrible thing is done and dusted. Let's hope our government begin to get their arse in gear, stop telling us lies, be honest and open and treat us like adults who can handle the truth. If we know exactly what we are dealing with then we are more likely to accept whatever we need to do. Other countries seem to be getting on top of their outbreaks, look at Australia, New Zealand & Iceland so why can't we?!! Makes me so angry that we have to put our lives in the hands of politicians who seem to have other agendas at work. Perhaps more focus on this issue when the first cases started to appear could have saved us all a lot of heartbreak.

See you tomorrow,