Friday, 3 April 2020

Day 16

Day 16...

This would have been the last day of term before finishing for our two week break over Easter but instead I've been sat at home, working on my laptop. We should have had our Easter Fun week at pre-school this week; a chance to raise a few pennies as well as have a bit of fun time with the children. There was going to be egg rolling, face painting, crafts, Easter hampers to be won, cakes and more, it would have been a fun way to end the term.

Instead we are already kind of on holiday but not in a good way. We have schools around us that are being asked to now stay open over the break to provide support to key worker's children. I have teacher friends who are working rotas so that the workload is shared between the staff that are able to work. Everything is all just mixed up!

We managed another walk out and about at lunchtime; just a mile today and it was nice to see a face I knew and say hello...from a distance of course!

My day was broken up by spending a lovely hour or so chatting with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle and our guest Becky as we recorded a podcast episode to go out this weekend. We chatted about some Disney news, plans that are on hold or postponed and then reviewed three dining experiences at Walt Disney World as we did a bit of Disney dreaming.

I made good progress on my current jigsaw that's proving to be quite a straight forward one to do...the jigsaw I have lined up after this one I'm not expecting to be as easy so enjoying this one for the moment.

I find myself getting stressed over the shopping again...I have been able to just stick to my collect order this week and nipping over to the farm to buy eggs (three times the price I pay from the supermarket!). I have another order to pick up on Monday and wondering if we can hold out till then...just random stuff that we are getting low on like chocolate and wine (obviously very important..I am kidding!) but also those items that have been on my shopping list for weeks now like toilet paper and tinned tomatoes.

I wonder if the whole shopping thing is freaking me out because it's something that I'm usually very much in control of. I do my weekly shop and then nip to my local store during the week as and when we need stuff but now this is not the case; I can't just do as I would normally. Perhaps it's that routine and ritual however small or silly being taken away from me that is having the impact. The sense of control being taken away and having to fit into the situation whatever way I can rather than do it my preferred way. Who would have thought that the mundane, taken for granted aspects of our life could have the biggest impact when they are removed.

Let's hope that when we get to the other side of all this that we remember to appreciate all these little things that at the moment feel so far out of our reach or control.

Stay home, stay safe and see you tomorrow,

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