Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Day 14

Day 14...

Another 'work day' today and that has been pretty much the lions share of today.

We took a walk out and about at lunchtime walking another couple of miles and thankfully we didn't see too many people today and everyone who we did see was obeying the social distancing rules.

We even encountered ducks...who were quite happily waddling along the main road and were quite happy to get really close to us!

And we even had a couple of horses who wanted to follow us home!

Once I'd done my work for the day I thought I would start on another jigsaw, another Disney one!

And that's been my day.

Not sure how I'm feeling at the moment, everything feels quite flat and depending on which tweet, or news article, or website you visit it can leave you feeling quite despondent. Just thinking that this could go on for months and months to come and then trying to think about the impact that it will have on us all as individuals, on our aspirations, our plans and dreams is really overwhelming. The figures we are hearing each day are horrific and terrifying and none of us want to be hearing them.

We have to trust in the people that know what they are talking about, the scientists, and trust that they are working their hardest to come up with solutions and vaccines and all we can do is stay home. Just two little words that mean so much more than they say; stay home, stay safe, help those that can help us by not spreading this thing any further or faster. Stay home with the ones you love and make a difference.

Till tomorrow,

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