Thursday 31 December 2015

Reflections and Moving Forward

So as is customary at this time of year I thought I would take a look back at 2015 and see what's on the horizon for 2016.

So 2015 has been rather a tough year to be honest. As those who read my blog will know early on in the year my mum very suddenly passed away and this left rather a big hole in my life and had a big impact on this year. It has been hard going at times but with amazing support from Simon and friends I am 'getting there'.

We did manage a short trip to Disneyland Paris back in February and I've wrote a number of blog posts that cover the trip as well as general overviews on eating at Disneyland Paris and Disney's Sequoia Lodge resort. Being able to visit a Disney park was great fun although it did make me miss Walt Disney World even more!

I have continued to record the Disney Dream Girls podcast with my very good friend Michelle and have enjoyed watching and listening to Michelle's trips to Disneyland this past year - she is even there now as I type this...the lucky thing!!

Simon and I have continued with our cosplay creations as we get ready for Star Wars Celebration in London next year. I have discovered that I am a very good assistant when it comes to moulding things with a heat gun and using a hot glue gun is quite good fun too. I've even used a sewing machine for the first time in my life!  I will endeavour to do a blog post in the New Year cataloguing our achievements so far.

So looking forward what does 2016 have in store...well the main thing at the moment will be our trip to Star Wars Celebration in London in July. We have tickets for all three days of all things Star Wars which also means we get a great short break away in London...without the kids ;)

I will also be getting some new Disney ink completed this year; in fact only yesterday I was talking to my amazing tattooist Rachael Huntingdon (Rampant Ink) about making a start on what will be a full sleeve!

Will we make it to a Disney park this year? Who knows? It will be 25 years this year since I visited Walt Disney World for the first time so it would be lovely to think we could re-visit 25 years on but as I write this it is looking highly unlikely....but never say never!!

I hope that 2015 has been kind to you and yours and that 2016 will see you happy, healthy and having a ton of fun.

Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday 29 December 2015

Season Greetings

Well...Happy Holidays to one and all and a big fat apology for the length of time in between posts of late! I think my New Years resolution should be to put finger to keyboard more often!

So what has kept me away from the keyboard since early November...well it all comes down to not having enough hours in the day. I have been busy with work; it's a busy old  time working in education during the run-up to Christmas what with parents evenings, concerts, parties and fairs. There have been numerous recording sessions for the Disney Dream Girls podcast (including one with Michelle and I singing Show has to be heard to be believed!). Simon and I have been busy with making our very own cosplay for next years Star Wars Celebration in London...well Simon has been the busy one while I take on more of a 'support' role ;)

And then there has been the usual run-up to Christmas happenings; decorating the house, making cakes and puddings, buying presents, wrapping presents and that last minute shopping that always seems to happen. Plus December brings along two birthdays in this household, first it's mine and then it's my eldest who turned 18 this year - where has that time gone! We also enjoyed a couple of burlesque evenings and then there was of course the much anticipated event of the year...Star Wars The Force Awakens.

We have now seen the new Star Wars film twice, the first time was the standard 2D version (on the day of release here in the UK) and then just today we saw the 3D version. Now I have to say (with no spoilers) that I loved the film it made me smile, gasp, cry and laugh. I though it was put together brilliantly and evoked all that the original movies were about, but see it in 2D, how it was intended to be seen, the 3D isn't worth the extra cash to see it and while it doesn't spoil the film it doesn't make it any better either.

My birthday and Christmas brought about additions to my Disney wardrobe from t-shirts to jewellery to a pair of classic Vans. I did manage to get a new addition to my Disney Christmas ornament collection;
On display with some of my other Disney Christmas ornaments
I have to confess that although my collection has a certain festive vibe about it I love it so much that most of them stay out on display all year round!!

I even managed to find myself a Christmas Disney pin in my local Asda (Walmart for my American friends);

So we find ourselves in between Christmas and New Year. We are very fortunate in our house that we are all 'off' for the holidays which means we all get time to chill, relax and perhaps indulge in some 'me' time that can be so difficult to find the rest of the year. We have spent time with family and friends, we have had birthday meals out, shopping trips, visits to the cinema and time just spent at home. I have even found time to start a Christmas jigsaw...I wonder if it will be finished by the time I go back to work?

I hope everyone out there is having a fabulous Christmas no matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing. Enjoy the season, enjoy the time with those you hold dear and be happy!