Friday, 24 April 2020

Day 37

Day 37...

Well we have reached the end of another working week...and actually my work this week has been relatively quiet. Ordinarily the first week back at pre-school is all about getting newsletters published, invoices out and registers printed but instead all I have been doing is trying to budget and navigate through government and local council emails.

This morning my first job was to complete my online shop as it is scheduled to be collected tomorrow evening...really struggled to get a slot booked in and this one popped up so took advantage while I could. I think I'm getting more on top of what I need each week and ordering in one go. In 'normal times' I would be doing multiple shops over a week and just 'nipping' into my local stores to pick things up as and when we needed them. Going to be interesting to see whether my shopping bill has increased overall by shopping in just one place or whether only doing the one shop has curtailed all those little extras that can sneak into a shopping basket!!

I wonder if things like a change in shopping patterns and working practices are going to stay with us for the longer term after we are through all of this? The ability to get work done at home or over the phone rather than an in-person visit, time spent on one shop rather than multiple which can all result in the knock-on effect of having more quality time with friends and family. How often do we bring work home with us so that it eats into 'family time'? Have we become too focused on work that we have placed family, friends and loved ones in second place? Perhaps after all of this we will hold onto those moments of quality time together and make sure that they continue.

Simon and I had our usual walk out at lunch time completing another two miles in 39 minutes and we have said that even after all this is over we want to try and continue these moments where we get chance to have time together and away from everything else, if only for a short time. I also took time to sit out and soak up the sun while reading a book; onto Ted Naiman's The P:E Diet now, which is something I would have struggled to find the time to do before.

So who knows, perhaps this lockdown will have an effect on us and hopefully a positive one, one where we appreciate those around us more, one where we actually achieve a good work/life balance and one where we embrace life more and cherish every single moment no matter how small.


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