Sunday 27 August 2017

Missing My Favourite Place

So this is the first post in quite a while and apart from being busy as usual with life, work and the podcast I have no real excuses.

But today got me thinking. This is the time of year that if we were going to be visiting Walt Disney World it would be fact it's 4 years since we made our last trip out there.

The wonder of Facebook 'Timehop' seems to delight in showing me posts from 4 years ago that show us about to ride Splash Mountain or chilling at the hotel or a Disney Photopass shot! Plus lots of people I know are currently enjoying themselves in the place I long to be.

Now I don't want to get all 'woe is me' about this but at the same time I am missing the opportunity to be experiencing a bit of Disney magic in the place I love. And if you follow this blog you will know that only a few months ago I was lucky enough to visit Disneyland Paris with podcast co-host Michelle, and that 2 and a half years ago we also visited Disneyland Paris as a family. But as much as Disneyland Paris is a lovely place to visit it really isn't the same as visiting Walt Disney World; or at least for me it isn't.

Don't get me wrong I think Paris is a fantastic park; it has the most beautiful of all the Disney castles, it's landscaping is extraordinary, the attractions are amazing but for me the draw of Walt Disney World is just too much to ignore.

Our current circumstances mean that a family trip to any Disney park is going to cost us a fair penny or two!! Understatement of the year; anyone travelling from the UK knows just how expensive it can be to get across the pond and stay somewhere like Orlando. I know we could save money by staying 'off-site' but for us the whole point of travelling 4000 miles is to be able to have an experience that we can treasure for years to come and to us that means immersing ourselves in the Disney magic. None of us want to have a vacation where we are having to compromise on what we want to do and how we do it. But two adults and two teenagers....OK so 4 adults...ain't cheap!

I have had people say to me...'well surely the kids don't want to go' or 'you could leave the kids at home'. Well yes the kids do want to go; years of Disney exposure has resulted in two kids with extremely good taste and who appreciate all things Disney. Plus until the kids reach a point where they tell me that they don't want to vacation with us or circumstances dictate that they can't come with us then the kids being with us is a quintessential part of our Disney vacation.

Following social media is a great way to not only keep in touch with friends and family but also keep you informed about anything you might have an interest in. So as the Disney fan that I am I have lots of friends and groups that I follow that keep me up-to-date with all things Disney and the happenings around its parks. Now sometimes that can be a bit of a toughie; watching people experiencing the parks, doing the things you wish you could be doing, going to places you'd love to visit can be a challenge. Not that I begrudge anyone who is able to get out there and visit and have an amazing time; in fact I love to see what they're are getting up to but it doesn't always mean it's easy to see.

But....and here comes the moan I'm afraid! What really upsets me is when those who are fortunate to visit seem to take it all for granted and feel they have the right to moan and groan for the whole world to see. So just to be clear my little moan here is NOT directed at anyone who gets to visit the magic from time to time...Oh no...this is directed at some of those who have the immense great fortune to either live extremely close or at least be in the position that living in the same country affords them the ease to visit on a regular basis. Those people who are constantly posting from the parks, who seem to be able to get into every special event going and get the chance to experience all that the World has to offer.

And like everything in life it is the minority of these people that spoil things for the majority. I know lots of people who live close to the magic, or who get to experience it on a regular basis, that show nothing but love for the World and soak up all that it has to offer and open up their lives to let others (like me) enjoy with them. But when I see an odd person 'venting' via social media about something that's annoyed them (having to wait for a bus, negative opinions about a park or an attraction) then to be honest I get a little mad. Please remember that there are LOTS of people that would LOVE to be in your shoes for only a week or two. People that save up for years to make the trip of a lifetime. It does makes me wonder whether these fortunate souls appreciate just how fortunate they are? Do they stop and think about what they are getting to do when compared to the 'average Joe'? Do they take a moment to put themselves in other peoples shoes? Do they appreciate the position they find themselves in? Are they really enjoying it all?

So please for the sanity of those of us who are missing our happy place think before you Tweet!

Walt Disney World, I will be back someday...just gotta wait for that day to arrive.