Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Day 21

Day 21...

Well I should have been having a relaxing couple of hours at the hairdressers today, having a cut and getting my blonde taken even blonder as my aim was to get back to an ashy blonde once again. Now I need to resist the urge to dye my hair myself...I think I have a box of colour somewhere...might be blue or purple...I wonder how long I can last out before succumbing?

Anyway today was the day for getting the pre-school accounts done and then I can start the task of cash flow exciting!! Thankfully everything balanced pretty much first time with only a small amount of searching for a missed entry, so pretty pleased with that.

Our usual walk out saw me ranting at other people (well not directly at them, more under my breath at them). We decided to walk along the main road which links our village and the next so although there is a decent path to walk along there is only a couple of farmhouses to walk past. First encounter was an older gentleman with a pushchair which he was pushing along one handed whilst on his phone with the other hand - why? You've come out for a walk enjoy the scenery and the sunshine and put the phone down! Next we had a young lad on a bike, now this is a wide main road with a clearly marked cycle path on the road but no he was on the pavement coming towards us and was on his phone!! This meant we had to walk off the pavement and into the cycle path on the main road to keep our distance. Next we had a dad and his teenage son; his son was pushing his bike and yet again we had to step out into the road to avoid them. We passed them again on our way back and this time they were sat on a bench with the bike laid on the floor in front of them so yet again we had to walk onto the road - not sure which part of daily exercise means sitting on a bench though?? And then we had a couple of young lads walk towards us, so yet again Simon and I moved to the edge of the pavement and onto the grass and walked in single file expecting them to do the same to keep the distance but no they just carried on walking two abreast! I think I need a t-shirt printing with large letters that says - 'If you can read this you're too close so F**k Off'!

A bit of jigsaw time this afternoon was therefore a nice and calming distraction, and progress is being made...
Today has been a pretty good day, plenty of work completed, vitamin D topped up, eggs bought fresh from the farm opposite, made progress on my jigsaw, chatted with friends over WhatsApp and I was yet again Molly's stretching partner while she completed her karate lesson online via Zoom!!

Let's enjoy the good days and remember there will be lots more of these to come we just need to be patient and sit it out. Stay home, stay safe and we will get through to the other side when all is good and ready.


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