Sunday 13 July 2014

It's been a month...

Well I can't believe it's been over a month since I last wrote a post for my blog!  So I thought I'd better rectify the situation and fill you all in on what I've been up to!

Well where do we start...if we go back to the end of May I had my fourth tattoo completed...and yes it is Disney themed.  The design took inspiration from a drawing that Simon did for his 365 Mickeys project which in turn took inspiration from my foot tattoo.  So here is my foot tattoo;

Photo taken August 2011 - guess where?!!
Then Simon drew this...
From Simon's 365 Mickey Project from July 2011
And I got a new tattoo which looks like this;
Photo taken just as it had been finished!
We then had a weekend of much celebration as we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversay - see my previous post for details and photos!

And since then it has been a combination of work, podcasting and life that has stopped me putting finger to keyboard.

Pre-School is very busy at the moment; it's our final term of the school year so we have been busy producing end of year reports, staff appraisals, renewing of contracts, scheduling in new starters for September as well as getting ready for our Leavers Concert!  We have an 'under the sea' theme this year so have spent the last couple of weeks learning new songs all with a watery theme!!

I have been busy with my co-host Michelle recording and planning for the Disney Dream Girls Podcast and this week sees us release Episode 18...Star Wars & Ratatouille!!  Give us a listen I'm sure you'll have a great laugh listening to us waffle on :)

Now something I haven't mentioned is my running...and this is because I haven't done any!!  But let me explain and all will become clear.  

Back on the 21st April I wrote about getting back into running again and about my desire to 'get fit, eat better, make healthy choices and enjoy life doing it'...well this has now taken on a new direction.  I decided to take part in a 90 day challenge called 'Get Real Fat Loss', this is a system that has been developed by the owner of where my daughter attends her mixed martial arts classes and is designed to get rid of fat and tone up at the same time.

This has led to quite a change in my diet...well a re-thinking of how and what I eat would be a better description and this new way of eating, coupled with twice daily exercises (hence why the no running!), has seen me lose about 10lbs whilst at the same time making quite a difference (for the better) to the shape and tone of my body.  I am only about 34 days into the challenge but the results so far have been amazing.

The challenge is designed for each person specifically - this is not a 'one-diet-fits-all' approach - with the aim to educate about nutrition and physical activity and how these can be incorporated into your lifestyle and hopefully make changes for the better, for good!  Is it easy? Probably easier than you may be thinking...but it has it's challenges as you re-train your brain and its approach to eating and food, as well as the motivation needed to find the time to do the exercises.  I'm currently up at 6am on a work day to get my exercises done before starting the day!  But it is very achievable if you want to make that change and be the healthier, fitter person that you can be....if I can do it believe me anyone just need to want to change.

Well I think that brings us up-to-date...hopefully my next post will see me back on track with my diary from last years WDW vacation!