Monday, 20 April 2020

Day 33

Day 33...

Today would have been the start of our Summer term at pre-school but instead we remain closed and are doing our part by staying home. We know the lockdown is in place for at least another three weeks, and I would guess probably longer, and when it does get lifted we have no idea yet how that is going to take place. Lots of unknowns and all we can really do at the moment is keep on keeping on.

The day started with a very productive morning of collecting the shopping, wiping it all down and packing it all away and that always takes way longer than you think it should. Although me and Molly are getting it down to a fine art...bit of Disney music blasting out and we just knuckle down and get it sorted!

It was another beautiful day so that meant another walk out in the sunshine with another 2 miles completed in 39 minutes; although it felt like it took us longer as we were walking into a very strong headwind on the way back which really took it out of us!

The afternoon turned out to be a very relaxed affair. We had coffee sat out in the garden and did some reading; I'm still digesting Shawn Baker's The Carnivore Code and Simon has just started reading Ted Naiman's The P:E Diet. Anyone would think we are interested in living the healthiest life that we can. Decided to take a few photos...

 I then received a delivery... two new jigsaws to do, just got to decide which one to do first!

I also had another go at doing some drawing...decided to take a couple of 'toys' and use them as reference...
 ...the Donald Duck toy was from Disneyland Paris and was a special gift left in our hotel room the year we celebrated Ethan's birthday this must be about 16 or 17 years old now!
Don't think I did too bad...Mickey probably came out the better, but at least I had a go!

So another day done in this bizarre situation that we all find ourselves in, but one that I think we are adapting to as the days go on, settling into a routine and accepting that this is just the way things are for the time being. It is going to be really interesting moving forward to see how this all unfolds, how it leaves us all feeling once we get to the other side and whether we ever truly return to life as it was before or whether we learn to live in a new evolved world...only time will tell.


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