Sunday, 26 April 2020

Day 39

Day 39...

So our Sunday has turned out to be quite crafty and arty! Simon set to this morning demolding a Mandalorian helmet and then cleaning up the two that he his made this last couple of days so that they are in a position to get shipped.

This afternoon we then settled down for a couple of hours of life drawing. A couple of weeks ago we were due to attend in person Dr Sketchy's in Nottingham but as this couldn't take place it was re-organised to be an online event via Facebook live. Hosted by the lovely Scarlett Daggers, Dr Sketchy's is a combination of burlesque and art, and is a very relaxed couple of hours of drawing for all abilities.

After the success of the first online event Scarlett had organised another for this afternoon with the delightful Cherry Shakewell providing the poses as well as a cheeky little performance! The event consists of a number of 1 minute, 2 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute and 15 minute poses before concluding with a 30 minute pose. At the Nottingham event we have DJ Spike providing an eclectic mix of music everything from indie rock, retro tracks, random cover versions and the odd comedy track and today he was able to join us via Twitch.

2 minute poses
5 minute pose
10 minute pose
10 minute pose
15 minute pose
30 minute pose
Decided I would make the effort and dress up a bit as I would have done had we been physically going to Dr Sketchy's in Nottingham...
Now I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but I have to say I was quite pleased with today's results and felt a little more confident in my abilities...looking forward to the next one on the 10th May. Check out their Facebook page - Dr Sketchy's Nottingham

It has been quite nice today to be doing stuff even if it had to be virtual...I think we all need things to do to distract us from the situation and from the noise of news media and social media. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and all opinions seem to be opposite of each other and I'm not sure how that is supposed to make me feel. Who do we believe? Who should we believe? Why is one doctors opinion better than another? At a time when we all want answers the answers seem to be some what confusing. In the meantime I am going to stay home, I will do my bit to give the NHS the room to breathe that it needs and to protect and keep safe those that I love and care about and that's all I can do at the moment.


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