Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Day 35

Day 35...

Well another day of this lockdown is complete and I'm finding that writing today's post is a bit on the difficult side...not sure why but think it probably has something to do with the events of the day being a repeat of previous days.

The day was a mixture of housework and pre-school work to just keep on top of things. We had our usual walk out at lunchtime completing yet another couple of miles in the gorgeous sunshine.

I sat outside this afternoon and topped up my vitamin D levels while I had a coffee and read some more of Dr Shawn Baker's The Carnivore Diet.

It was lovely to jump online later this afternoon to chat with my fellow Disney Dream Girl Michelle as we recorded another episode for our podcast, this time chatting with a fellow podcaster over in America.

Simon is busy working on a art commission for a retro game magazine and he has just had a couple of orders come in for the Mandalorian helmets he makes; pop over to his website to see what this is all about

So we are in this weird state of a new normal. Work life is carrying on as best it can. Home life has now found a new level where everything that we would normally have done now gets done from the comfort of our own home. 'Going out' is a simple walk in the fresh air around paths that we are becoming very familiar with. It is difficult to see when all this will end and when it does I don't think we will ever go back to how we were, at least not for a long while.


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