Saturday, 25 April 2020

Day 38

Day 38...

And welcome to the weekend and yet another glorious sunny day that admittedly started a bit slowly in this house with a bit of a lie in and late breakfast.

Molly received her weekly guitar lesson via email so was to be heard playing new tunes. I got some household chores out the way while Simon set about making a Mandalorian fact helmet number two as he had just received this week an order for two helmets after having been very quiet with orders. He has also been casting and 3D printing some more bits and pieces for the mouse droid he is also building.

Later this afternoon we hopped onto the Disney Dream Girls Facebook page and went live to show off some of Simon's work and skills. Simon was able to talk through how we became Star Wars costumers and how that then expanded out into making helmets and more.

Our usual walk took us to my dad's house so we could catch up and have a chat through his front door keeping the appropriate social distancing of course. Although whilst out walking I was once again struck by the number of people out and about in our small village. In fact at a couple of points I counted 18 cars parked where normally there would be perhaps no more than 2 or 3; I can only presume these cars belonged to people who had driven into our village to then go on a walk around the public foothpaths and bridleways within the village. I was also frustrated that yet again Simon and I would move to the furthest point we could when passing people but they would make no effort to move away from us so that the maximum distance could be achieved - really don't understand it!

We had a slight hiccup when Molly and I went to collect our grocery shop this evening as the locker system had a bit of a glitch and refused to recognise my date of birth which meant we had to venture inside the store!!! Thankfully everywhere was pretty quiet and despite having to wait a little while for someone to help us out all social distancing protocols were observed and it was good to see inside the store that the floor had markings, tills had screens up and systems were in place to try and avoid people being too close together. Although we did notice several shoppers not being as perhaps as observant as they could be regarding the two metre rule!

As we reach a death rate of 20,000 here in the UK I really can't see how we will be out of this lockdown anytime soon. We have no treatment, no vaccine and the ability to test, track and trace seems somewhat pathetic so I am really struggling to see a way out of this...and am convinced that this is going to go on for a considerable time and even when things do start to get lifted I think it will be a long while before we get back to anything like how things were before. I really feel quite desolate at the thought of what we had and where we might end up and sometimes that feeling of foreboding of what we may be moving towards can be quite overwhelming. Thinking about the stuff that we could have done but never quite managed that might now be a long way off, thinking about a potentially different way of living, of missed moments and of moments planned that may now never happen...some days that can all be a bit too much.

All we can do is just keep swimming, to get through each day and hope that each day makes us stronger to deal with whatever may lay ahead. We have our health, we have each other, we need to take solace in that and soldier on to meet the new day as best we can. It's okay to feel freaked out by all of this, it's okay to feel overwhelmed and it's okay to be angry and whatever else you may be's okay.


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