Sunday, 12 April 2020

Day 25

Day 25 - Happy Easter!

The day started out bright and sunny and my first task of the day was to jump onto my online shopping and update my shop. We have a delivery scheduled for Tuesday and our supermarket of choice are now only letting you amend your order two days prior to delivery so I had a long list of items to add on...although I am a little concerned that I couldn't order any decaf coffee!!

This afternoon saw Simon and I participate in an online event. Ordinarily we travel into Nottingham to have a very pleasant afternoon of drawing and burlesque at Dr Sketchy's Nottingham but this afternoon we only had to travel as far as our living room as today it was being hosted online via Facebook live.

Dr Sketchy's is run the world over and combines the art of burlesque with life drawing and we have been attending the Nottingham workshop, hosted by the wonderful Scarlett Daggers, for a number of years. Simon started going quite a few years back now and after much persuasion convinced me to give it a try and since then we have been loyal followers.

I am not an artist by any stretch of the imagination but the great thing with these events is that they are open to everyone of all abilities. The atmosphere is relaxed, fun, very welcoming and a little bit cheeky! Each event has a mix of timed poses everything from 1 minute, 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes up to 30 minutes. There are normally a couple of burlesque performances included and DJ Spike plays an eclectic mix of music which just adds to the atmosphere and has to be heard to be fully appreciated. There is even the chance to win prizes if you are brave enough to share your artistic endeavours...I will admit to keeping my efforts to myself but Simon has been known to win on the odd occasion.

This afternoon Scarlett hosted the live event and she had the delightful Missy Malone providing the poses and a cheeky performance as well. Here are my efforts, just some simple pencil sketches...

And let's compare shall we to Simon's artwork...

Normally when we attend one of these events I always like to make an effort and dress for the occasion so I thought today should be no different and opted for a bit of 'Disney bounding!

We had a lovely couple of hours drawing away and drinking coffee and are looking forward to hopefully more events like this over the coming weeks. I can't recommend Dr Sketchy's enough, you never know there may even be one local to wherever you are...and if I can 'have a go' then anyone can!


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