Sunday, 5 April 2020

Day 18

Day 18...

Felt a bit out of sorts today if I'm honest, haven't really known what to do or where to put myself.

A bit of a 'not much' day today. We spent about an hour or so in the garden just tidying up, neither Simon and I are gardeners as such so our garden has been set up to cause us as least amount of work as possible. So an hour just clearing up leaves, weeds and emptying our fire pit was all we needed to do.

The weather was pretty good today, bright and sunny but with a bit of a breeze and we decided against our usual walk out. To be honest the thought that everyone would be out and about today meant I really didn't fancy the hassle of trying to avoid folk. In fact whilst we were in the garden we could hear plenty of voices come and go on the lane that runs parallel with us which is where we would normally venture out.

Instead we had an afternoon just mooching about; Simon did a little more with his R2D2 model as well as some digital art drawing while I cleared one jigsaw away ready to start on another and then did some podcast recording with Michelle for our Disney Dream Girls show.

In fact I spent well over an hour chatting with Michelle and our guest Tommy Allison from The DisGeeks & The Cruise Dudes podcasts. We set Tommy a challenge of coming up with his top ten attractions that he would like to see at Disneyland if he could pick anything from the past, the present and from any Disney park in the world. We had a lovely chat and it really perked me up - thanks guys!
Podcast recording
I made one of our favourites for dinner this evening, Keto Meat Pie. I don't often make it as it takes a little while to put together but it does make enough for two meals though and is very yummy!

And then after dinner Michelle did a little bit of Facebook live on our Disney Dream Girls page so I jumped online and joined in with the chat where I could - we haven't figured out whether we can both go live together yet!!

So a bit of a slow day turned itself around.


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