Getting Real

Revised and Updated: April 2017

I thought it was about time that I set up a new page on my blog all about a change that I made to my life back in June 2014.

So let's start at the beginning and go back to Easter 2014 when Simon showed me a film called 'Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead'. It was a documentary that followed an Australian called Joe Cross who had decided that he needed to do something about his weight and the amount of medication he was on for a skin condition. Now his solution was to travel across America on a 60 day juice diet which for him brought about some amazing results. Now it wasn't the method that he used to shed his weight that got to me (hubby is a real skeptic and insists that I share links on why Detox Diets aren't scientifically sound and how the science behind Juice Fasting doesn't hold up, making them an expensive and damaging waste of money) but it was the inspiration he gave to others and the effect that had on them. In particular one lorry driver that the documentary followed for the later half of the film; this was a chap that was considerably obese but he made the decision to change and do something about it which to me was left me with a feeling of 'well if he can do it what the hell am I moaning about'.

So I resolved that as a family we would start eating better; we would eat healthier foods and reduce the processed foods that were just too easy to turn to...and we did, we started to make the change and you know what it was fine, it wasn't a big deal we just did it!

A few weeks into our new healthier eating I happened to be chatting to Molly's karate instructor, Selina, who told me about a programme her husband Jason had started called 'Get Real Fat Loss'. She showed me some photos of herself before and after the challenge and I was amazed. She spoke about how easy it was to adopt a new way of eating and how it didn't leave her feeling hungry; I was intrigued.

So after speaking with Simon and then chatting with Jason I decided to sign up for a '90 Day Get Real Fat Loss Challenge'...I figured I had nothing to lose after all I just wanted to be eating healthier and getting fitter and if I managed to lose a few pounds as well along the way then I would be really happy.

On Monday 9th June 2014 I started my challenge, 90 days of a new way of eating plus exercises twice a day.  The great thing with this programme is that it is designed for each person individually it is not a 'one size fits all' approach.  I provided Jason with a food diary for a week and he then told me what I should be doing by breaking down my calories with regard to fat, protein and carbohydrate intake. And then through a private Facebook group I shared what I ate each day along with the exercises done, and then once a week everyone checked in with their weight and measurement updates.  From this Jason monitored my progress and changed, if needed, the amount of calories etc.

So I started at 10 stone 5lbs (145lbs) with the aim of getting to around 9 stone 7lbs (133lbs), well 90 days later I surpassed my goal and weighed 9 stone 0.4lbs (126.4lbs) a total loss of 18.6lbs. This equated to losing 6 cm from my thighs and waist, 6.5 cm from my bust and 7 cm from my hips.

After the initial 90 day challenge was complete I was so happy with the results that I'd achieved I decided to sign up for the 'lifestyle' program so that I could maintain my weight loss.

Anyone who has ever embarked on a 'diet' will know that it's not always losing the weight that's a problem it's keeping it off afterwards.  Well the good thing with 'Get Real Fat Loss' is that it's NOT a diet IT'S a's a way of eating and living that can keep you looking and feeling great.

Since the end of my initial 90 day challenge I have managed to maintain my weight between about 8 stone 7lbs and 9 stone (so around 119lbs - 126lbs). I have dropped from a UK dress size of 12/14 down to a size 8 and now have to look for the 'small' sizes while out shopping.

I continue to 'watch' what I eat, in other words I am consciously aware of what I am eating. I understand food an awful lot better now and know instinctively what foods are better options for me. I keep a food diary and still 'report in' to the groups secret Facebook page every day. This accountability keeps me focused and has been proven to be a great way to keep on track. I have even created my own group on Facebook to help friends and colleagues who wanted to know what I had done to make the transformation.

I complete daily exercises, at least once a day although ideally I try to get a second set in each day as well. The exercises are simple body weight exercises in that it is simply me and my body! A combination of core exercises including the likes of squats, lunges and planks. Occasionally I will vary the exercises I do and use either kettle bells or resistance bands but I always make sure that these exercises are part of my normal daily routine; and whilst that may mean getting up early or making time later in the day they always get done. So jogging was dropped from my exercise routine and is currently no longer a part of my life..that's not to say that jogging won't be in my life again...who knows what may be around the corner. As of April 2017 I have joined a gym so that I can exercise with the rest of my family who all joined a local gym a few months ago. This is something that I used to do a lot of years ago but that I had given up through having children and work commitments but I have now decided that it is something that I can fit back into my routine, and one I am really looking forward to enjoying once again.

This new way of eating and exercising is now simply part of my 'lifestyle' and I am determined to keep it that way. The changes I have made, and the new me that I have created, are too good to simply throw away and I will be doing my utmost to keep moving forward.

I would say to anyone out there who is fed up with their weight, or the way they look or simply know they should be eating and living better you can do something about it if you want it enough. I did...and you can too!

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