Thursday, 1 July 2021

Day 470

Day 470...

Another busy day with the morning spent in work and we had decided to have a re-vamp of some of our resources to ensure that we are using everything that we have and to dispose of those we were not making good use of. Space for storing resources is a premium so we have to make sure that we making the best use of what we have and the space that we have.

The majority of my morning was then spent looking once again at cash flow forecasts. This time of year is always tricky as we try to plan and budget for the new school year starting in September. We have a number of children leaving us in a few weeks and then we need to get ourselves re-set for the group of children that will be with us in September.

I headed home at lunchtime via a local supermarket to pick up a few bits and bobs and then once I'd packed everything away it was time to take Molly out for a drive. We headed out over a route we've done the last few times which is a route she will be driving quite often as it takes her to where her kickboxing class is. The last few times driving this way we have had a couple of issues at a specific roundabout and we were determined to master it and we did...well Molly did! She had a fantastic drive today and she handled everything really well, even an ambulance coming towards us with sirens sounding!

Back home I decided to grab a coffee and some pre-school work and head outside to enjoy the sunshine while I worked. I had decided to continue with the planning work I had started this morning as there was a lot to get through and I wanted to be in a position to run through everything with my deputy manager tomorrow. Well a couple of coffee's later and I think I have done all I could do today.

By then Simon finished his work for the day and we headed off down the 'gym'. I am doing a mix of body-weight and kettle bell exercises and am determined to get back into a better routine than of late.

And that was Thursday all done...all done except for watching today's episode of RuPauls Drag Race All Stars season six!

See you tomorrow.

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