Friday, 9 July 2021

Day 478

Day 478...

Another Friday and the end of the week. Today we should have started a weekend away but due to the current restrictions and impact thereof our weekend away has officially been cancelled.

We were booked to go away this time last year as we had planned to visit the Real Food Rocks festival but as with everything last year this didn't happen! But the hotel were happy to reschedule our booking so we had simply moved it 12 months in the hope that things would be back to normal...but alas that was not to be!

So it was a normal Friday today. And this morning it was time for my team's annual appraisals; talking to each member of staff in turn to discuss their performance...which to be fair was really straight forward as I am blessed with a great team. The afternoon was then spent playing catch-up with emails, admin and banking and before I knew it the work day was done.

Arriving home I just had time to grab a coffee before taking Molly out for another drive as the insurance she had taken out ran out later this evening so we were determined to get the most out of it.

Once home for the day the afternoon seemed to have disappeared and it was time to sit down and watch this week's episode of Star Wars The Bad Batch before cooking dinner. So now it's time to stop and enjoy the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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