Wednesday, 14 July 2021

Day 483

Day 483...

It's the middle of the week and my first working day in actual work this week.

The morning was pretty standard sort of stuff, lots of admin, paperwork and banking. We have some open days happening next week and I am very aware that I need to be on top of my usual work as I will not have the time next week.

But as I had my dad to take to the doctors just after lunch I decided to defer my afternoon working until tomorrow. There was not a lot of success for my dad at the doctors and I'm not overtly happy with how he's been treated so far, suffice to say I have emailed them to see if that generates any more information. 

Upon arriving at home the installation of the windows was in full swing and getting inside was easy as I no longer had a front door!! The lads have worked really hard and are doing a fabulous job, there is still some finishing touches needed and they will be back again tomorrow.

I then decided to carry on with some more pre-school work as I had a newsletter that I wanted to get out to our parents as well as a few forms to update. I think I will be taking whatever opportunities I can to get work completed so that I have as little as possible to do over the upcoming summer break. 

I rounded out the afternoon chatting with my good friend, and podcast co-host, Michelle. We had hoped to record a show this evening but with workmen at my house and lots of school work for Michelle we decided to have a natter and a catch-up and will aim to record later on in the week instead.

And with that it was time for dinner, red wine and blog writing before an evening in front of the TV and the last episode of Loki!

See you tomorrow.

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