Thursday, 29 July 2021

Day 498

Day 498...

Well today was Thursday and to be fair it's gone by fairly quickly as I've been heads down getting 'stuff' done.

My morning was mainly focused around more pre-school work. I had the accounts that I'd completed yesterday to transfer over into a spreadsheet and to make sure they still balanced. Unfortunately they didn't and that meant having to go through the last few weeks transactions to find the error; typically the error was in one of the last entries I'd entered! But with that solved I was then able to write up the accompanying notes which detail the expenditure in a little more detail.

While I was doing that this morning I was also keeping on top of the laundry and taking in multiple deliveries. One of which was our new number sign for our new front door...we thought we'd try and invoke a little Disney's Tower of Terror ride vibe with our choice...

When Simon finished work for lunch we popped out for a walk and despite the greyish clouds and wind it not only stayed dry but was warmer than it looked. We managed 2.45 miles in 45 minutes - not too shabby.

My first job of the afternoon was to sort out the butchers order that had arrived into meal sized portions and then find room in the freezer for it all. Next up it was time to take Molly out for another drive and as always she did really well.

Back home and with a coffee in hand it was time to get on with some more pre-school work; diaries to update, registers to prepare, time sheets to create, annual report to write and a whole new set of operating policies and procedures to download and then amend to reflect our pre-school. We have a new...well updated, curriculum coming into affect in September and the Early Years Alliance who we are a member of have updated all the policies and procedures to ensure that they are now inline with the curriculum.

I had already planned to review and update our policies and procedures and was dreading comparing our existing ones to new or updated versions but instead I now have a whole new set to go through,  assess and amend to reflect our pre-school. But this will actually be easier as I can simply work my way through each policy, amend to our 'style' and tweak to reflect our practices, safe in the knowledge that every aspect of the curriculum will be reflected. I only have 104 to go through...wish me luck!

Consequently when Simon and Molly went 'down the gym' this evening I carried on uploading and amending policies. But I am hopeful that I can plow on tomorrow and get them all sorted and then I just need to upload them to our website and then get all the staff to read them before we re-open in September.

More work ahead but I am determined to get all my pre-school work done tomorrow so that I can have the following five weeks off with as minimal amount of pre-school work as possible.

See you tomorrow.

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