Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Day 489

Day 489...

Another very hot and sweaty day and another full day in work for me.

We had our second of three Open Days and so my day was split between time chatting with parents and then catching up on bits and pieces of admin. As a result it meant when I got home it was time to play catch-up!

I was waiting for a butchers delivery to happen today and it hadn't arrived at the specified time and as the afternoon moved on I decided to email the butchers to let them know. Within half an hour of my sending the email the order turned up...typical. The delivery guy had been struggling to find us although I'm not sure why it took until five hours after the original delivery slot for him to call me for directions!

While Simon and Molly went down our gym this evening I carried on with some more admin work for pre-school; another Open Day tomorrow will mean less time getting my work completed and as I need to sort the wages out I figured I'd best get ahead of things tonight!

Only a short post today, it's getting late and although I have things I'd like to write about I think I will leave them until I have more time to put my thoughts together in a cohesive manner.

Until then...

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