Friday, 23 July 2021

Day 492

Day 492... two of my summer break.

Well I have to say that I probably had the best night's sleep in a long while; I still woke up on occasion thanks to night sweats but not as often as of late and that meant I woke feeling a lot more refreshed.

It was also nice not to have to jump up to get out the house at a set time. The day has revolved around getting caught up on a few general household tasks as well as a little pre-school work. I managed to update the tablets that we use at pre-school to ensure the software we use was the correct version as well as deleting photos to free up the devices storage space.

Just before lunch I popped out for a beauty treatment appointment which meant I was out and about for about an hour. It was interesting to be out in the public to see how the recent lifting of restrictions was translating to the general public. I would say that about a third of people had chosen, along with myself, to not wear masks and it was so nice to actually see people's faces for a change. It is dismaying that so many people still feel the need to wear face coverings that have been proven, time and again, to have little, if no affect, on the transmission of any respiratory condition. At the end of the day if when you're wearing a mask you can smell someone's perfume or cigarette smoke or food aroma's then I think it's good to presume that the minuscule virus particles have managed to get through as well!!

After a little lunch I took Molly out for a short drive so she could get a little more practice in. The rest of the afternoon was taken up with sorting some of my own paperwork out, checking finances and looking at insurance policies - whoop!

As Simon finished work we nipped out to a local supermarket to pick up a handful of things that we had run out of. I was expecting to not find what we needed as the current news stories are all about shortages due to staff getting 'pinged' to self isolate but we must have been lucky as we came away with all that we wanted. Although some products looked a little thin it didn't look as bad as I thought it could have.

And now it's time to stop, enjoy a glass of red wine and settle down to watch this weeks Star Wars The Bad Batch episode.

See you tomorrow.

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