Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Day 497

Day 497...

Well I think this will be a relatively short blog post today as once up and about I had a day of two halves.

My morning was spent at the hairdressers and the great thing about heading to the hairdressers is that I am forced to stop for a couple of hours. It was lovely, as it always is, to catch up with my stylist Kim, as I have known her for a fair few years. I decided to have a colour tone added to my ash blonde today and came home with a fresh extra short cut and a splash of purple!


Once home my afternoon was spent working my way through pre-school work, and today the focus was to update the accounts. Pleased to say that the accounts balanced almost first time and the slight error was found within about ten minutes. I was then able to update a few documents ready for the new school year in September. 

But before I knew it the afternoon was done and it was time to get Molly to her kickboxing class, which meant Molly driving us there. And with Molly collected a couple of hours later that was Wednesday all done.

See you tomorrow.

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