Friday, 2 July 2021

Day 471..Friday...Finally!

Day 471...

Yay we have reached Friday and it's time for the weekend!

I ended the week with a full day in work and it was taken up with more forward planning for September. I was also able to generate and print off a special poem for those children leaving us this year. Each poem is personalised and has a photo of the child when they first started with us and a photo taken just this past week.

On my way home I had a slight detour as I needed to pick Molly up from one of her friends houses as she'd spent the afternoon there.

Back home and it was time for coffee in the sunshine while I composed and issued a couple of work emails.

And before I knew it Simon had finished work for the day. So we grabbed a coffee and sat outside for a short while as we discussed each of our days.

Before I cooked dinner we opted to partake of a martini and this weeks episode of 'Star Wars The Bad Batch'!

And with dinner consumed it is now time to stop for the evening and enjoy the weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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