Saturday, 17 July 2021

Day 486

Day 486...

Well today has been hot, sweaty and rather mucky!

Once up and about this morning it was time to give the house a proper clean through and get everything back to normal.

We hoovered, dusted and steamed our way through the day. We had curtains to rehang and items to be relocated. It was chance to have a proper clean although this is when I regret having so many Disney ornaments to move, dust and replace. But to be fair I wouldn't have it any other way. Although it does become a rather long job as I have a fair few Department 56 houses which are delicate and the only way to dust them is to use a very small fact I use a makeup brush! So as you can imagine it can be quite time consuming.

But by about 6pm we had cleaned the whole house from top to bottom and both of us were suitably knackered! Time for take-out!!!

And that is where I am going to leave it for today...see you tomorrow.


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