Thursday, 8 July 2021

Day 477

Day 477...

And we have another Thursday as we get closer to what we hope will be the end of lockdown...although I fear that there will still remain some caveats in place and we may live under the 'threat' of 'needing' a lockdown later in the year. I truly hope that I am being pessimistic and that in a couple of weeks life will begin to look and feel more normal.

But this morning it was into work and the first job of the day was to chat with staff about our plans for September, the amended curriculum that we will be working with and our upcoming open days.

After that my morning was taken up with emails, banking, updating some posters for our room displays and completing an application to take part in a local carnival in September. With that all completed it was time to head home with a stop by a local supermarket to pick up a few bits and pieces that we were either running low on or that I knew were significantly cheaper there than where I have my weekly grocery shop from!

Back home and after a chat with a couple of my neighbours it was a quick turnaround to get the shopping packed away, get changed out of my work clothes, drink a coffee and then head out the door to take Molly for another drive. We were out for about fifty minutes and managed a round trip of 22 miles and yet again she is doing so well. We were on some new roads today, in fact roads that I have not driven in a very long while and so they were as new to me as they were to Molly but she handled everything with ease and confidence.

Home again and I came into a pot of coffee brewing (thanks Simon!) so I quickly reheated a slice of keto pizza that I had made yesterday and decided to sit outside to enjoy my coffee. Unfortunately this came to an end rather quickly as today seemed to be the day for ants to be out in force; ants with little wings attached to their backs - yuck! So I did want any sane person would do...boiled the kettle and drowned the horrid things, although I think in the end it took five kettle fulls to make any impact on them.

My next job was to then set up a Just Giving page for my pre-school. This past 18 months have been a tough time for us, we had only just moved into new premises in February of 2020 when we were forced to close because of the restrictions placed on us by the government as a result of the covid pandemic. Then because we operate out of a 'community hall' we were unable to open our doors until our deemed it safe; this meant we were closed from March until mid June last year. And when we did open we were only allowed to open to a vastly reduced number of children which was really sad as we were unable to say our proper 'goodbyes' to those children that were moving onto big school. 

Despite then being open fully from September and all the way through the subsequent lockdowns we have been unable to fundraise as we would normally do and have therefore lost a big chunk of our usual income. Small pre-school's like ours rely heavily on the extra income that we can generate through fundraising, the money sometimes goes to extra resources, sometimes to replace well used resources and sometimes simply to keep us operational. Normally around now we would have our biggest fundraiser of the year our Summer Fair but as we were unable, for the second year, to host this we decided to give a bit of crowd funding a go!

To finish the day it was time for a spot of home workout before a steak dinner and an episode of RuPaul's Drag Race Allstars - not a bad day at all.

See you tomorrow.

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