Saturday, 10 July 2021

Day 479...Saturday Chilling

Day 479...

Well today has been a very chilled out Saturday and we have taken the time to simply stop and appreciate what is around us.

After a slow start to the day we had a small problem to resolve...well Simon did. Having been rather busy the last few weeks organising the garage we had been doing lots of drilling to put up shelves and more and the drill had decided to jam. Simon had tried numerous things to 'unjam' it over the last few days but with no success so today we decided that it was time to buy a replacement and with thanks to Amazon we should have a new drill arrive tomorrow.

After that we decided to jump in the car and head to Nottingham to have a bit of an urban stroll. We managed just under three and a half miles in around an hour and a quarter and took in parts of the city we would not normally see. We grabbed a coffee and headed to the Old Market Square where we took a stroll around the street market that was happening there before grabbing a seat to soak up the sun, the atmosphere as well as the coffee!

Back home we spent the rest of the afternoon drinking coffee sat outside in the garden and putting the world to rights. It was lovely to be able to stop and find the time to simply talk.

Then it was time to make keto pizza, pour the red wine and watch some TV.

See you tomorrow.

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