Monday, 12 July 2021

Day 481

Day 481...

Monday has rolled around once again and today marked day one of our new windows being fitted.

While Simon waited in for the fitters to arrive I headed off to collect the weekly grocery shop. As I returned home I was just rounding the corner when my phone rang and ahead of me I could see the fitters van parked at the end of our road obviously not sure how to find us...perfect timing!

So as I put all the shopping away Simon showed the fitters around the house so they could get on with replacing our windows. 

While the fitters cracked on with the job at hand I popped out to see my Dad as I had some shopping for him. Unfortunately my dad is not very well again and is struggling to get an appointment with his doctor anytime soon. It's so annoying that an elderly man suffering with what I am convinced is an allergic reaction to the covid vaccine, has to wait a week and a half to see a doctor. But with a reduced service in place I guess this is what we are going to have to expect, suffice to say I will be on the phone tomorrow to try and get something sorted sooner.

This afternoon Simon decided to use the time at home to mould a helmet as he had an order from a previous customer to deal with. Being stuck at home I started a little online research into a replacement for our garden shed as we would like more of a garden room that could be a space for Simon's art projects. But this maybe a project for another year when time and budgets allow.

Once our fitters had left for the day it was tidy up time and a good excuse to have a proper clean through of a couple of our rooms.

Before I cooked dinner we took a short walk out to post a letter that I'd meant to post earlier but had forgotten to take out with me, at least it's in the post now. And then it was dinner, red wine and time to chill.

See you tomorrow.

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