Monday, 5 July 2021

Day 474

Day 474...

Monday has rolled around once again and it was another day when I wasn't feeling the greatest. I'm blaming hormones and the state of the world!

But we had the usual start to a Monday morning with collecting the weekly grocery shop but once that was done and all put away we decided to head off out to a local country park for a walk around.

We are very fortunate to have a couple of country parks within a twenty minute drive of where we live. Although we decided to avoid our first choice as the necessary parking had to be paid for via an app with no obvious other way to pay. Disappointed with the lack of options we decided to head elsewhere.

As we arrived at our park of choice, Elvaston Castle, the sun seemed to disappear and within a couple of minutes of leaving the car we had to put up the umbrella's. 

Thankfully the rain didn't last too long and we were able to take a gentle stroll around the grounds managing a couple of miles.

We have missed taking walks of late, as life has become more 'normal' we have been occupied with work and little projects around the house which has eaten into our time to go out for walks. Hopefully over the summer when I am away from work for a fair few weeks we will be able to get back into more of a routine again.

Over the course of the afternoon Simon took Molly out for a drive while I re-worked some of the cash-flow forecasting for pre-school as a few variables have changed and I wanted to start my working week tomorrow with the most up to date figures. It took me slightly longer than I would have liked but at least I know that I have all the information that I need to make more progress.

Molly took the driving seat once again this evening as she drove us over to her kickboxing class and she is doing really well. We are really seeing a much more intuitive driving style starting to emerge. She has a test date booked for October, because that was the earliest date she could get, but she is checking the system everyday to see if she can get one earlier. But it would appear that everyone is doing the same trying to make up for all the time lost over the last sixteen months or so.

So the powers that be have announced today that we will see restrictions being lifted from July 19th, providing the data allows. So all being well wearing face masks will be optional, no more social distancing, no more checking in at hospitality venues and the removal of limits on numbers of people at events. Fingers crossed this all happens as I am so over all the restrictions and just simply want to get back to what was a normal life. We just now need to get travel sorted as I am desperate to get to a Disney park...preferably Walt Disney World in Florida but to be honest any Disney park would do!!

See you tomorrow.

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