Sunday, 11 July 2021

Day 480

Day 480...

Well, we have another Sunday and after a quiet and slow start to the day I find myself typing this later in the day than expected.

The morning was slow and steady and saw me jump online to complete the weekly grocery shop as normal. Simon had the task of attempting to re-assemble the drill that he has been trying to fix. After it had jammed he'd tried numerous ways to 'unjam' it and as a last ditch attempt he'd taken as much of the drill apart as he could but with no luck. So yesterday he'd ordered a couple of pipe wrenches, which arrived first thing this morning, to see if they would help prise the drill apart and by the third attempt the drill was unjammed - hooray! But he still had the motor part of the drill to put back together...with no instructions! The drill sat on the kitchen worktop and at various points throughout the day Simon attempted to put it back together with, at times, rather a lot of swearing and not a great amount of success.

But we had ordered a replacement drill specifically for drilling into masonry which also arrived this morning so we were able to use it to finish off a few bits in the garage. We just needed a couple of hooks putting into the wall so that we could store the garden tools safely and out the way. And with that done the garage re-vamp is now complete.

After a spot of late lunch; last night's left over keto pizza reheated - yum! We decided to do a little gardening; there were a couple of bushes that needed a little pruning and a few dead weeds pulling out as well as some new weeds that needed spraying with weedkiller. And then we decided to have a look the courtyard garden as we had a few plants that had grown rather big and a tad out of control. Before we knew it we had the hedge trimmers out and we attacked them resulting in one of them almost getting completely removed. Both plants are blocking light into the house and so are long overdue cutting back, but I think we managed more than we thought we would have been able to in just a couple of hours.

And as we cleared away all the tools that we'd been using Simon decided to give assembling the drill one more go before throwing it out...and lo and behold he did it! It is, once again, fully functional and all down to Simon's perseverance and logical thinking in being able to figure out how it should all fit together.

Sunday is now done for another weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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