Saturday, 24 July 2021

Day 493

Day 493...

And we have another Saturday and one that started off rather slowly as both Simon and I struggled to get moving this morning.

First job of the day was to get Molly to her guitar lesson which now means letting Molly drive us there. With Molly dropped off at her lesson we headed over to our coffee shop of choice and for the first time since March 2020 actually went inside to enjoy our coffee. Throughout the pandemic malarkey we had stuck to drive thru' coffees but with the easing of restrictions and no longer having to wear face coverings or 'check-in' we were happy, and prepared, to enjoy our coffee inside.

It was so nice to see all the staff without masks and a good proportion of the public doing the same too, we even got talking to another customer who was also enjoying being out and about without the previously imposed restrictions. We also got chance to chat with Joe, one of the store assistants, who we have gotten to know pretty well over the years. He was in early for his shift and came out of his way to sit and chat with us which was just lovely.

Molly then drove us home via our local chip shop to pick up some fish & chips for my dad. As we were leaving my dad's Molly was all set to drive us home when we noticed that the 'L plate' at the front of the car was missing...not sure how we'd lost it but can only presume that the magnetic seal had worked its way lose and it had been lost somewhere on the drive back from her guitar lesson. Thankfully the set Molly had bought has a spare one, but as that was at home we thought it best not to let her drive the short distance home!

Then for the rest of the afternoon we went to visit Simon's aunt and her partner who had moved closer to where we live around a year ago but who we've not been able to see because of all the restrictions. So we spent about four hours catching up on events in our lives, going out for a walk with their gorgeous dog and drinking lots of coffee in the sunshine. We had a lovely afternoon and are looking forward to being able to see more of them from now on.

With a dinner of keto pizza eaten and a glass of wine poured I think it is time to sign off for today.

See you tomorrow.

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