Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Day 475

Day 475...

And we move onto Tuesday and the usual day of two halves for me.

My morning was spent in work and involved chatting with the team to bring them up to date with our plans for the next academic year starting in September. There was also the usual banking and numerous emails to send and respond to.

Back home at lunchtime and after a quick bite to eat I set about the ironing pile I'd been avoiding! I then had a butchers delivery arrive and had that to sort into meal sized portions to go in the freezer.

Halfway through the afternoon Simon received an email from the hotel we are booked to stay at this coming weekend to advise us that the restaurant, the bar and room service would be all closed and therefore unavailable but that they were happy to recommend local restaurants for us. Now I can only assume the lack of services available is potentially due to lack of staff because of self isolating...just a guess as this seems to be affecting hospitality at the moment. But to not have these facilities available at a hotel seems rather pointless, and never mind paying for something that would no longer be what we signed up for. So we have decided to re-schedule, although that is proving to be more difficult than it should be. The online booking site would not let us change the dates and so I then started a 'chat' with the hotel and despite an initial quick response the chat is now just sitting in limbo as I wait for someone to get back to us!

A quick home workout rounded out the day before cooking dinner and then prepping for tomorrow's lunch as I will be making keto pizza for the girls at work!

See you tomorrow.

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