Sunday, 4 July 2021

Day 473

Day 473...

Going to be a short post today because quite frankly it's been just one of those days where I've not felt in the mood for anything and consequently I've done very little.

There was the usual online grocery order to complete which generated more drama than I care to explain. Suffice to say the credit card security verification system decided it wanted to send me a text to confirm my identity...great not a problem except the phone number they were quoting was an old, a very old, phone number of mine. Consequently that meant I couldn't complete my online shop so on the phone I jumped to have words with my credit card company. In the meantime I checked my information held by the credit card company online and everything they had for me was correct and up to date. By the time I got through to a human being my grocery order had somehow been accepted and a confirmation email received without me having done anything other than the leave the screen open. Then I tried to explain what the problem was only to be told to call their fraud department?? Really?? It's not a fraud it's your system not holding the most up to date information - ARGH!

While I'd been battling the online retail system Simon had been in the garage putting the finishing touches to the section of garage storage we'd started late yesterday afternoon. He was also in a slightly annoyed mood by the time he'd finished as he'd caught his shirt on the work bench and ripped it!

After a coffee to calm us both down Simon, and Ethan, took Molly out for today's driving lesson which involved a stop at a local McDonalds!

But the rest of the day was quiet and very uneventful. I simply haven't know what I wanted to do and have felt very much 'out of sorts'.

But onwards and upwards and I will see you tomorrow.

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