Sunday, 25 July 2021

Day 494

Day 494...

And we have another Sunday and we had a very lazy start to the day.

But when we finally got moving I had the fun job of completing the online grocery shop ready for collection tomorrow. And while I did that Simon set about a few jobs that needed sorting around the house.

First he is repairing some wood around the garage door and had some expanding foam filler to squirt into the holes. He then decided to look for any more holes that needed filling to make best use of the filler. He found a couple just alongside some guttering just underneath the edge of the house roof...slight issue as by filling in the holes he disturbed a wasps nest!! Thankfully the wasps seemed more confused than angry but I have contacted our 'wasp man' to come out and 'sort' them out!

Next job was to help Molly with a little project she has in mind for her Shutter Studios business that involved resin which Simon is rather adept at using. She has a plan to create some bespoke items with coloured resin that she will then sell under the banner of Shutter Crafts.

Then we had the big job of the day which was to continue with the job we'd started a couple of weeks ago of chopping back some rather well established trees and bushes with an aim to remove them completely. So with hedge trimmer in hand and a pair of loppers we, well mainly Simon, made good progress. We managed to fill two bins and burn a lot of the very dry stuff and although we still have more to do we have definitely made progress.

While Simon did the majority of the gardening I had a little podcast recording to complete. Michelle and I hooked up online to record a special show for our Patreon supporters. And then no sooner than we'd finished recording it was time for our Disney quiz via Zoom, which I was the joint winner of...although this does mean that I have to come up with questions for next week's show!

And with that I am stopping typing as it's late and I need to chill.

Take care.

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