Monday, 26 July 2021

Day 495

Day 495...

Well today started a bit slower than intended as both Simon and I were absolutely knackered from the day before but with a grocery shop to collect it forced us to get up and moving.

Once mobile we headed off to collect the shopping but with a stop by pre-school on the way. I had some bits I needed to drop off as well as the refuse bin to 'put out' for collection first thing tomorrow morning.

But with shopping collected we headed home to get it all put away and then we found ourselves with a bit of down time. Simon had a little more work to complete on the wood he'd started to repair yesterday which involved getting the wood filler out. We were also able to help Molly as she wanted some advice with her next craft project that she wants to get underway for her business. She needs to buy a few supplies and just needed a sounding board to make sure she'd not forgetten anything and was ordering the right stuff.

But we were also waiting for our 'wasp man' to arrive. Unfortunately yesterday we had disturbed a couple of wasps nests by accident but thankfully our 'wasp man' was able to get to us today and within a few minutes had dispensed the necessary to get rid of them...thank goodness!

We then decided to head out for a coffee; a chance to get away from the house and just have a few minutes together without any distractions. It is something that we have recognised over this last 16 months or so that we need to find some time that is just for ourselves; to get away from the house and have chance to connect.

Once home Simon was able to sand down the wood filler he had applied earlier and now all that is left is to stain the wood filler so that it blends in with the existing wood frame. We were then in a position to install the 'battle ropes' that had arrived while we'd been out. This is a new edition to our home gym at the request of Molly and meant attaching a metal bracket to the wall. Unfortunately the fixings that had been supplied were a little problematic and after about an hour of trying to install them we decided that we needed a new approach. 

So after dropping Molly off at her kickboxing class we headed to a local DIY store and bought some new, heavy duty bolts and headed home. Within twenty minutes the new bolts were in the wall and the battle ropes were in and working - phew! And Molly just couldn't resist once we were home again...

And with that we have a Monday all done.

See you tomorrow.

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